Online Shop of Singular Wines
Online Shop of Singular Wines

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Online Shop of Singular wines

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Are you looking for a different wine?

In Chinchin Wine Trading we work to offer you a selection of special wines and drinks and very different than you can find in any other online store.

We look for unique wines, with differentiating characteristics that surprise you and create very special moments.

We dare you with something

If you like unique wines, you are in the right place. We select the best wineries and great vintages so you can enjoy a complete Chinchin Wine Trading experience.

You can easily find the wine you want by looking for D.O, wineries and even by grape varieties.

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High quality wines

Selecting the best wines and beverages from brands and wineries that bet more on quality than quantity.

Personalized Attention

We advise you to choose the drinks and wines that best suit your tastes and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, WhatsApp and email.

National and International Shipments

We put special care in all our orders to ensure shipments and respect their delivery. We ship to Spain, Europe, Russia and China.

100% Secure Purchase

We offer totally secure charges by credit card via BBVA and Stripe, payments through PayPal and bank transfer.

Find your wine easily

We have created a website so that you can find the wine you are looking for the easiest and easiest way. Search by D.O, wineries or type of grape.

We love our work

We feel true passion for our work and we are always in search of new flavors and aromas with which to surprise you.

your special wine

With Chinchin you can find your special wine by looking for denominations of origin (D.O) or between varieties of grapes that exist.

the perfect wine pairing

As good wine lovers, we love to enjoy drinking wine while eating an excellent meal, a delicious tapa or an exquisite dessert. But, what are the best combinations to enhance the flavor of each one? We leave you the guide of the perfect wine pairing.

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Chinchin offers all free shipments within the Spanish peninsula and with orders over € 80. 
You can check all our shipping and return policies.

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