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On the market there is a wide variety of accessories for wine that you must have if you are a true lover of oenology. If you have entered this world, you should not miss certain accessories in your bar, and in our store we have the best and most special ones.

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All about Accessories

A wine cellar is a great option to have your wines and in it you must include some indispensable accessories that make the experience complete. Let's see below the best wine accessories, must-have in your home:

The wine accessory that you can not miss

If you are going to taste a good wine, what better than to do it in a good glass. This detail gives a distinguished note to the moment. It is better that your glass is thin and transparent so that you have a clear view of the color of the wine you are tasting.

Official Rioja Wine Glass

This glass has won an International Design Competition. We assure you that with it you can enjoy a good wine because it is oenologically correct and appropriate to the organoleptic characteristics of the wines.

Best-selling wine accessories

It is important that you prepare to acquire everything you need for the service and enjoyment of wine. The best brands in wine accessories you will find in the catalog of our online store.

Wine Aerator

This utensil is essential to create a constant flow of oxygen bubbles for the wine to "breathe". In this way, the alcoholic notes of this drink can be perceived in a more pleasant way to the palate.

ClickCut Left Handed Corkscrew

In the market they have thought of pleasing left-handed people so that their uncorking is simple and they achieve it without any effort, being able to extract their corks, without risk of breaking them.

Complete Wine Essence Set

Ideal for those looking to become wine tasting experts. Thanks to its various essences it is possible to educate our smell to differentiate the multiple aromas of red, white and rosé wines.

The essential accessories for a wine tasting

Wines, more than just drinking them, must be lived, discovered, even undressed, and for this there are accessories for wine that we can not miss. To enjoy them as they deserve it is necessary to understand where they come from.

Good wine speaks. Through its aromas, its color and its flavor it tells us about its terroir, about the time it was kept in shelter in the cellars, surrounded by mosses. That is why it is tasted & enjoyed.

Knowing how to taste a good wine is an art, that once you master in its entirety, you discover a new world. Each step of the tasting is fundamental and it is necessary to take your time. It all starts by opening the bottle with suitable wine accessories.

1. Opening the wine with the right tools

The steps to follow to uncork a bottle of wine may seem like a kind of ritual, and in reality they have a lot to do with creating a pleasant environment and presenting the honors corresponding to the work that has given rise to this elixir. And for this task we will need the best accessories to help us open the bottle properly.

First, you should check that the temperature is correct. For this, it is advisable to have a digital thermometer for bottles. Then, attention is paid to the label, you can read the notes presented by the winery or just give some personal, simple words in reference to this wine. Then, we proceed to cut the foil.

This can be achieved with a foil cutter, a small razor or similar. It is essential to remove all the metal and expose the cork, which we will proceed to remove with the corkscrew. Nowadays the ClickCut model is recommended, with which it is ensured to remove the cork completely, without residues.

If you're feeling bold enough or have some more experience, you can try opening the bottle of champagne, cava or any other sparkling wine in the best Napoleon style, with an elegant Cava saber.

Once the cork is removed, it will be necessary to clean the mouth of the bottle very well with a cloth. If it is a white wine, rosé or a cava it is advisable to place the bottle in a cooler bag that helps us to preserve its temperature.

2. Serving and oxygenating, a fundamental step

Serving wine also has its rules and of course, its art. First of all, the glass must be chosen correctly, according to the type of drink to be tasted.

For cava, champagne and sparkling wines, the glass used is tulip or flute, elongated and with a good stem. In the case of red wines, the glasses are called Burgundy or Bordeaux, with a wider balloon, to stimulate the oxygenation of the wine. For the white and rosé wines, we will need a Sauvignon Blanc glass, since it is the most ideal.

Sometimes we will find wines that have sediments or they’re very old and closed. In that case it is necessary to have a wine decanter, which is a container, preferably made of glass, with a wide base and a long, thin neck. If we want to have all these accessories, the best thing will be to get a wine accessory set.

3. Taste, the best part

When you are finally in front of your glass ready to taste your wine, it is time to let yourself be enveloped by the experience in its entirety. The right thing is to start with the aroma, gently inhale a first breath and allow this sensation to intoxicate you.

Then, the first sip is small, light. You let the liquid walk through the inside of your mouth, allowing the taste and sensations to leave their mark on the palate. A new enjoyment of its aroma to generate harmony.

The ideal is to accompany this process with some delicacies, which are the perfect complement to a great evening. Asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms and Iberian hams are usually one of the best options.

4. Preserve wine with vacuum pumps

To preserve the wine for longer it will be necessary to remove all the oxygen from the bottle. For this process, the best is a vacuum pump that also serves as a wine stopper.

And speaking of wine stoppers, the current options are very varied, effective and with elegant designs. You can choose between those made with silicone, stainless steel or those that include a dosing system.

And if we are more traditional, nothing like pouring wine in a leather and silicone boot, which is one of the best wine accessories, which has the beauty of tradition and the comfort offered by the modern world.

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