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Wine enthusiasts can now educate their sense of smell without having to leave home. With these Aroma Sets you can differentiate the most peculiar smells of all kinds of wines in a simple and self-taught way, but also in a professional way, thanks to the fact that they include books with explanations of the aromas.

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All about Essence Sets

It is increasingly common to find people who enjoy this feeling, to taste a good wine and understand more of the wine culture. That is why there are more elements that are made available to experts, and not so experts, to live it to the fullest.

These sets are so complete that they are ideal to educate the smell of those who want to develop their wine culture. It is ideal to enhance the ability to identify all the qualities of a wine or even its defects.

What is a set of wine aromas for?

It is a tool or accessory for wine used in order to cultivate the smell, so that anyone who uses it learns to identify the elements that make up a wine and what it could lack to be better. With it you can enrich the complete wine tasting experience.

This instrument is focused on wine enthusiasts, since they can be educating the smell if they are not experts. They are so complete that it is possible to differentiate the most particular odors in a simple way.

How does a wine aroma set work?

These sets contain several bottles that contain different aromas. Everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated scents are contained in them.

In addition, it is accompanied inside by a complete book where you can find, specifically, the explanations and descriptions necessary for each of the smells that are incorporated.

The intention is to discover and understand in a self-taught way all the aromas and flavors that can be found in a simple glass of wine.

What does a wine aroma set contain?

This kit can vary in quantities, some may contain 6 bottles with usual aromas of red wines and 6 of white wines, while others may include 12 aromas for the red and others 12 for the white.

In addition, the most complete can also have 16 aromas by default that are included in the wines. Depending on how great the passion for wine is and how much you want to learn, you can acquire a more or less complete set.

A good option is also to start with the smallest while learning and then bet on the largest. Whatever the case, they are certainly an excellent and perfect gift for that special someone who loves wine.

It should be noted that you can find them in various options, there are some focused on white wines and sparkling wines like cava, while there are even some for olive oil.

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