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For lovers of wine culture, today there is a wide variety of accessories to enjoy wines to the fullest. Due to the growth of the taste for accesories, the options of items that you can find in our online store are increasingly expanded. Here you can find other wine accesories.

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All about Other Accessories

With the growth of the taste of wine, it is increasingly common to enjoy more modern and exclusive accessories. All are perfect for you to show off with your guests at lunch or dinner.

What are the accessories for wine?

Within the wide range that exists, some accessories for wine are important if you want to be able to appreciate all the flavors that this drink has. Likewise, they are ideal to make a good service of the same.

Within the variety that exist, some of the best accessories for wine that we can mention are:

Without a doubt, good glasses are essential to be able to taste a good wine, whether red, white or rosé. It is essential to use the right glass, where the simple modern glasses stand out, not like the old ones of ornate metal.

A good modern glass is made of clear glass or fine glass. Almost all are wider below and with a narrower mouth to concentrate and enjoy the aromas. On the other hand, for a good sparkling wine or a cava it is necessary flute glass.

A very important detail that we must consider, is the fact that a 0,75cl bottle to be served properly should reach a minimum of 6-7 glasses and a maximum of 9-10.

Another must - have is the corkscrew, although it seems obvious, having the appropriate one is essential. It is one of the most used accessories and you can get different models, such as the helix, the waiter type, the butterfly or the butler.

We can also mention the separatory funnel that is widely used in oenology. It is becoming very fashionable, in fact there is one with several mouths which allows pouring into decantation.

You can find them in plastic, glass or metal, and it is perfect for those who store wine. It will also be essential to have a good thermometer, especially for those who are really lovers of oenology. It is an ally to measure the temperature of wine.

Finally, a wine stand will be essential to locate some wines of the house and that adapt to the temperature.

How do you pour the wine?

It is an ideal accessory to aerate wine, in fact it is also known as an aerator. They are special stoppers that help control the direction where the cork will come out of a bottle.

When a good stopper is used, the wine is oxygenated and aerated. It could be considered as one of the original wine accessories on the market. One of the reasons for this process is to separate the wine from the lees from the bottom of the bottle.

This process allows the sediment inside the bottle to separate. In addition, it helps oxygenate the wine, so you can enjoy much more of its flavor and quality, as well as its smell.

The first thing to do is place the bottle vertically, thus preparing for the pouring process. Then it should be opened, but without moving the bottle too much, the idea is to prevent the sediments from mixing again.

Once opened, the contents of the wine should be poured into the decanter so that all the aromas of the wine begin to flow.

What is a wine aerator?

Another element that you can find in a good wine accessories store, is an aerator. It is an essential element for wine lovers, as it helps to better appreciate the flavors of a good wine.

It is an accessory that can be used in two ways, either it is held directly over the glass and the wine is poured into it, or it is placed in the bottle.

Whatever you have, it is always an element that every wine lover must have. Finally, you should know that if you are looking for a quality gift, there is in the market a wine accessory case that contains various accessories of the commonly used and that is a good way to start with a passion.

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