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If you want to become a top host and prepare professional wine tastings for family and friends, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find the best and most complete sets of wine accessories.

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All about Sets

The world of wine is very broad and enriching and a true connoisseur is discovered when he has the corresponding instruments to serve and present correctly each type of broth.

It is not enough to have the knowledge about the different types of wine, their classifications and how to recognize a Crianza wine or a Gran Reserva by the aroma and texture. Even though this would betray your knowledge, there is something else that is necessary to prove that you really are a wine lover in all your presentations.

Knowing how to treat a good wine, uncork a champagne correctly or serve the cava with the corresponding rules, are things that denote even more how much you know about this area, which is a very interesting subculture.

The accessory sets will help you get what you need for the best tastings, becoming an excellent host. Each of these sets has varieties of instruments for you to choose just the one you require.

What do the sets for cavas and wines contain?

As we already mentioned, these are the instruments necessary to serve a wine or cava in the right way. Thus, the experience in tasting these elixirs is elevated to the maximum.

For starters, one of the instruments you'll need is a pad or cooler bag. This will be responsible for maintaining the proper temperature of the bottle while it is on the table. For this, they have special gel, so it will be necessary to keep them in the freezer before using them.

Speaking of temperature, a digital thermometer is perfect to confirm that the wine has reached the right one to serve. You just have to put it on the bottle, activate it and you're done. You just need to uncork the bottle.

Removing cork correctly is an art

If you have the right instrument you will achieve this step in a simple way like a professional. For this, the latest is the retractable double lever corkscrew with innovative ClickCut system. Thanks to its design, it removes the corks without damaging them or shaking the bottle.

Now that the time has come to serve, the ideal is to have drop saver disks, which protects the tablecloth from drops of wine. Of course, don't forget the wine glass identifier. These can be simple and discreet designs, festive and varied, even with themes alluding to the celebration in question.

Once the evening is over, it is necessary to properly store each of these liqueurs to ensure that they are preserved for a next occasion. In this case, the tool you will need is a vacuum pump or vacuum wine saver. This is used as a stopper and is responsible for extracting oxygen from the bottle, protecting the wine for longer.

Of course, it is also great to use the silicone stoppers that you can find in wine sets, which include stoppers for both, for wine and for cava as well.

If you are passionate about cocktails, the Deluxe Cocktail Set has everything you need. Crusher, tong, shaker, meter, strainer, long spoon and corkscrew. With this and the Monza Complete Set you are ready for any special occasion. You just need to choose the wine or cava of your preference that you have available in our online store.

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