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Nowadays, Wine Stoppers are made of different materials, mainly cork. In our online store you can find a wide variety of high quality.

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All about Stoppers

The cork of a bottle is essential because depending on its quality, you can be sure that it will never break in the uncorking. A good liquor should be worthy of a proper cork.

Recommended Wine Stoppers

We recommend this stopper because it offers an incredible utility, avoiding unwanted flavors and smells in your wine.

AntiOx Wine Stopper

If you want to make sure that your wine will not oxygenate inside the bottle, this cap has a device on the inside that causes the oxidation process to stop. When this occurs, the taste and smell of a wine is unpleasant, somewhat vinegary.

Best-selling wine stoppers

Here we will give you the information about three types of stoppers that you can buy in our online store. We recommend them because they are 100% safe.

Twist Stopper for Sparkling Wine

The inside of this plug is airtight, as silicone has been used for its manufacture. This material ensures that the stopper adheres tightly, preventing any spillage of the wine. It is ideal for sparkling wines or Champagne. It opens with a simple press and screw.

Venus Inox Wine Stopper

The material of this stopper is stainless steel with a striking aesthetic due to its brightness. It is easy to adjust to various bottle necks.

Uranus Stopper & Pourer

This stopper comes with a dispenser, which prevents the wine from spilling and the best thing is that it adapts to all types of bottles.

Types of wine stoppers

Wine bottle caps or stoppers are important, especially because of their ability to seal oxygen, so that it does not come into contact with the liquid inside the bottle. This aspect guarantees the longevity of the wine, which once opened loses its characteristics of "maturation".

In addition, they protect the fluid from contaminants, which can enter through microscopic spaces. Thus, since the cork closes the bottle completely, the chances of contamination are much higher when the drinks are closed incorrectly and with the wrong instruments.

There are different types of cava stoppers that are used to seal beverages such as wine, sparkling wine and other options that need to be precisely sealed to provide clear aromas and flavors. Here are some examples:

  • Cork stoppers: pioneers in the sector, cork stoppers are traditional when it comes to sealing.
  • Synthetic plug: it began to be produced in the 1990s, with easier and more accessible options, in addition to being very resistant to possible contamination.
  • Glass stoppers: they appeared in the mid-2000s. They are not usually used as they can break and have a shorter service life.
  • Cap-shaped stoppers: They are made of bolted metal materials and finished with plastic, which does not allow oxygen to enter the bottle.
  • Champagne stopper: It has an eccentric shape, more like that of a mushroom, which has a rounded dome at the top and a straight one at the bottom.

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