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Vacuum Wine Savers will become the perfect complement for those who leave half-finished bottles of wine and want the wine to retain all its properties and aromas. These pumps draw the air out of the bottle, creating a vacuum that preserves the wine.

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All about Vacuum Wine Saver

Buying a wine of excellent quality and not finishing the bottle after it is opened can be a problem. But the reality is that for lovers of this culture there are endless tools that will allow them to enjoy their passion to the fullest, such as wine vacuum pumps.

Sometimes it can happen that a bottle of wine is left open, vacuum pumps are perfect to remove the air and preserve all the properties of the wine.

What is a vacuum pump for wines?

It is the ideal and perfect complement for those who enjoy oenology. It is a device that is responsible for expelling air from wine bottles. In this way it generates a vacuum and preserves the wine that has already been uncorked.

A perfect ally to preserve the wine, since it allows the wines to maintain and keep all the properties they possess, along with their aromas.

This is because once we open a bottle of wine, the oxidation process automatically begins. If you did not finish the bottle and want to keep it for a while it will be necessary to remove the air from the bottle.

What does a set of vacuum pumps contain?

In our shop we have a wide variety of accessories for wines, where you can find a set or kit of vacuum pump. This contains the pump, along with a stopper.

You can also find it under the name of wine conservator and they usually bring one to four silicone or rubber stoppers.

How does the vacuum pump work?

It is very simple to use and does not require any specialized technique. Once the wine bottle is opened, the cap is placed in the opening hole, then the vacuum pump is placed on it well adjusted.

When we've done that, we proceed to take out the air. To do this we make the gesture of inflating the wheel of a bike, until the moment we hear a click. If it doesn't ring, you'll notice it's ready when it's hard to pump.

Later, when you want to continue consuming what is left in the bottle, simply remove the wine saver and ready. The wine will continue to maintain all its properties and a unique flavor.

It is important to note that, although the stoppers containing these sets are reusable, it is advisable to replace them with new ones from time to time. In this way you ensure the proper functioning of them and also maintain their properties.

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