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Aromatic White Wines

It is well known that one of the wines that we usually like the most is white. Perfect to accompany fish, seafood and white meat. In short, it is the ideal companion. Standing out for its elaboration “in virgin”, finding the best aromatic white wine is very simple in our online store.

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All about Aromatic White Wine

White wines stand out for their different elaboration than red wines, where their fermentation takes place without solid parts. They are usually dry wines since they contain almost no sugars or their content is very low. Generally, they tend to be quite aromatic, perhaps that being their most outstanding point.

The aromatic white wine recommended by experts

Aromatic whites are always able to capture the full attention of the guests, they accentuate their importance thanks to the scented flavors that identify them. They evoke floral fields, fruits and spices. This is one of the best on the market.

Tobia Cuvée White

It is a delicious and great wine that comes from the mixture of different grapes and different vintages. It contains Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viura, Tempranillo blanco, Maturana Blanca and Garnacha Blanca. Its aging process is 3 months in American oak barrels.

What are aromatic wines?

Although its definition is not very clear, it can be expressed that they are wines that differ from the others by possessing emphasized floral perfumes. These aromas are usually found in specific types of grapes, being their main difference from the rest.

They are mostly white wines, although sometimes it is feasible to find some reds. Those fragrances found in these wines come from flowers such as jasmine, violets, orange blossom, roses or white flowers.

This is because flowers and aromatic wines contain elevated levels of multiple cells called terpenes. They are the ones in charge of those very pleasant perfumes.

What grapes are used in these wines?

In general, recognized grapes such as Riesling are used in the production of these wines, which provide floral aromas, honey and lemon aroma. Other grape varieties are also used, such as the Albariño typical of Galicia, the Loureiro, the Muscatel or the Gewurtztraminer.

How are aromatic white wines classified?

Aromatic white wines are divided according to the amount of residual sugars added to it. Within the classification are:

Dry white wines have less than 5 grams per liter, bottled wines contain between 5 and 15 grams per liter, semi-dry wines have between 15 and 30, semi-sweet white wines between 30 and 50 and sweet wines greater than 50 grams.

In general, the residual sugars added to these wines come mostly from the must. However, in some cases it is necessary to add them manually, either in concentrated wort format or through similar products.

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