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Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wines have a taste of renewed earth, which has been cultivated from organic awareness and love for the planet. They stand out for dispensing with any industrial or chemical method, and in their preparation the astronomical cycles are respected, resulting in these special wines. In our online store we offer those flavors to pamper your palate.

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All about Biodynamic Wine

A biodynamic wine is made with grapes harvested according to the lunar calendar to ensure its best moment and magnify its incredible qualities. Enjoy it how you want and when you want.

Recommended biodynamic wine

Biodynamic wines offer a more natural taste and represent an even greater dedication to the care of the grapes, as they are free of pesticides and chemicals.

This wine is an authentic work of art that rescues the flavors of yesteryear, thanks to a completely natural elaboration, without additives. Its flavor offers a taste of legends and magic.

Best-selling biodynamic wines

A selection of biodynamic wines that are the most sought after by connoisseurs who visit our store. An indirect recommendation from expert palates.

Tempranillo and Garnacha, aged in French oak for twelve months. This red wine is also a limited edition of 1.000 bottles, so it ensures a unique experience.

Another limited edition wine, this time to 700 bottles. This Garnacha wine is born from the care of a vineyard worked with expert hands and in love with their land, presented without filtering, clarifying or stabilizing. Just natural.

The grape is macerated with skin during the first 7 days, giving an intense flavor to this white wine. Its aging is natural, without additives, letting the free land do its job and a unique drink is achieved.

The best biodynamic wineries

These wineries create and protect the wines that have been born from a work that heals the land at the same time that it takes advantage of its fruits, bringing to you the best biodynamic wines.

Viñedos Hontza

Hontza Winery

A vineyard with history that since 2015 offers natural wines, respectful of the environment, born from grapes grown under the principles of biodynamic agriculture.


S'Amfora Winery

These biodynamic wines stand out, as well as being natural and environmentally friendly, they are sheltered under the sea to let them age until they find that perfection that characterizes them.

The Sea Wine Club

The Sea Wine Club

This Alicante winery also specializes in the aging of exotic wines under the sea. There their flavors are accentuated and acquire the characteristics that make them unique.

Biodynamic wine, what does it mean?

It all begins with Rudolf Steiner who gave rise to the philosophy of biodynamic agriculture, which consists of respecting the natural process and recognizing farms, crops and wineries as a whole thing, whose parts are interrelated.

The biodynamic wine is born from a grape that grows returning to free and natural formulas, respectful of the environment and even, healing the earth. Pesticides and chemicals cannot be used for pest control and the soil is fertilized only with natural compost.

As a result, you get a fresh, authentic and above all, much more natural fruit. This is used to produce a wine that continues through a process of aging with the same ideology, embracing natural processes, so that finally a much healthier product is obtained.

What are the characteristics of biodynamic wine

Biodynamic wine has a more natural flavor, being free of chemicals and presented without clarifying its texture has a personality that reflects that of your home. Its aroma is decisive, unforgettable, with touches that make it unique. As with underwater wine, a glass of these is an irresistible experience.

Experts say that these wines are clearly distinguishable from the others, since when tasting them you can notice that both the cultivation of the grape and the aging of the wine have been done respecting the natural rhythm of things.

The aging process of these wines also respects the traditions and the most natural processes, after picking the grapes manually and selecting them one by one. It is a job that is perhaps more demanding, but it is really worth it when you can appreciate the result.

How is biodynamic wine made?

To achieve a biodynamic wine you start by respecting the natural cycle of the crops. This means that the lunar calendar is used and even the location of the planets is taken into account. These dates show the ideal days for pruning, watering and finally harvesting. They even mark spaces in which the vine is allowed to rest so that it quietly produces its fruit.

These same days are taken to establish the best time for tasting, using the elements of nature to refine the senses and allow the tasting of aromas and flavors to be appreciated much better. Namely these days are:

  • Root days: they are ideal for pruning. However, it is not recommended to do the tasting these days, since the properties of the broth are minimized and are not appreciated at all.
  • Leaf days: this is when the plant is watered, preparing to grow. As for tasting, only a few white wines show their flavors, so it's not really the right time either.
  • Flower days: It is when the time of growth of the plant is respected, so it is given its space to produce the fruit. For the tasting it is an empty moment, if made, much of the real properties of the wine would be lost.
  • Fruit days: It's time to harvest, celebrate and of course, taste a good wine that will offer its best flavors and aromas.

As you can see, everything goes according to a natural cycle, respecting the time of each moment. In the end, you get a grape that has matured at its pace and will give a unique wine. Each harvest ripens in time, according to different conditions, so they will never be the same, as well as their broths.

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