What could be better than good bubbles to accompany any party and maintain a cheerful atmosphere! Sparkling wines are fresh, cheerful and bubbly.

Bubbles are formed during the second fermentation in the bottle. These types of wines are great for special celebrations (weddings, birthdays) as an appetizer or as a final toast, they go great with certain meals as well. Obviously, every sparkling wine, like the rest of the wines, has certain meals that pair perfectly and others that don’t, it depends on the degree of acidity, the amount of sugar and the aging of the sparkling wine, so a good selection of different sparkling wines we can serve at a party starting as an appetizer, continue during the meal and end it with CHINCHIN toast in desserts.

Our philosophy is to offer an interesting and curious range of sparkling wines. We have sparkling wine from vineyards watered with ozone, Champagne, cava rosé, cava with gold, cava with chocolate and traditional cavas of different grapes and denominations.

We are constantly searching for new sparkling wines to expand our offer for palates eager for new flavors and experiences.

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