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Gran Reserva Cavas

A Gran Reserva Cava is a sparkling wine with superior category and quality. Visit our online store and find a selection of the best.

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All about Cava Gran Reserva

The Gran Reserva Cavas obtain their qualities after going through a second fermentation in the bottle. This aging is a minimum of 30 months.

Recommended Gran Reserva Cava

The aging time in the bottle gives this cava fragrances and flavors that bring notes of maturity and distinction. While the bubbles fill each drink with life.

Vinyes de Can Sala Gran Reserva Paraje Calificado

After 60 months of aging in the bottle, this Gran Reserva Cava invites you to enjoy a quiet evening. It pleasantly offers its fruity aromas and a taste that remains in the mouth.

Best-selling Gran Reserva Cavas

There is no better recommendation than that of a satisfied customer. So, if a Cava is the best seller, that is synonymous with satisfaction.

Alta Alella Mirgin Exeo Evolució +

This Gran Reserva Cava is adorned with the categorization of Qualified Organic Paraje Brut Nature. A Limited Edition that takes your senses to another level.

Torre Galimany Gran Reserva

It has a slightly woody fruity aroma and a bubbly taste that leaves fruity notes on the palate. This Cava is perfectly accompanied with smoked meats and strong flavors.

Alta Alella Mirgin

Reaching to ferment for up to 42 months, its bubbles are delicate spheres that float in pale gold. Its aroma is exquisite, almond and fruit. Its taste settles in the mouth and remains charming.

The best Gran Reserva Cava wineries

Working with Gran Reserva Cavas is a challenge that shows patience, dedication, love for winemaking and above all, perseverance. These are the best.

Alta Alella Mirgin

Alta Alella Mirgin Winery

Their organic wines have placed them among the most outstanding in all of Spain. This winery has the support of a tradition that has passed from one generation to another.

Casa Sala

Can Sala Winery

Its letter of introduction is the Can Sala Cava, a unique wine that reflects and celebrates the origins of a family with a tradition of great value in the history of wine; the Freixenet.

Cavas Hill

Cavas Hill Winery

Privileged, with an ideal location for the cultivation of grapes perfect for aging Cava and author wines, no less than in Barcelona.

What is a Gran Reserva Cava?

A Gran Reserva Cava is a wine with effervescent touches that has been stored in the winery for an aging of 30 months, after being bottled. Of course, the base broth must be made only with the best quality grapes, harvested and selected by hand to ensure maximum excellence.

They are wines that require a lot of patience, since their preparation time is long, in search of a perfect balance between taste, aroma, color and astringency. All this accompanied by bubbles that give the fresh touch to this aged wine.

You will also find them with the Gran Reserva Superior Cava categorization. This means that it is a premium wine. In this case, it refers to an elixir that has been born in a privileged location, always recognized for its excellent quality wines, with environmentally friendly crops.

The Gran Reserva Cavas offer complex aromas that embrace ripe fruity notes with traces of a long aging in barrel and bottle. They have an intense, punchy aroma, which develops its own character. While the delicate bubbles form a crown that is kept.

They are complex wines, with a calm tasting to perceive all their flavors and aromas. Ideal to pair with appetizers, hams and cheeses.

What is the driest cava?

The Gran Reserva Brut Nature Cava has the least amount of sugar, offered by the fruit in a natural way. Due to this, its taste is less sweet and much drier than any other.

For great connoisseurs, this is one of the best representatives of this category. It is a magnificent companion to taste meals of the most exquisite gastronomy, such as fish, seafood and rice that go very well with these Cavas.

Its acidity levels, together with the delicate bubbles of this wine, allow you to open the way to the different flavors of each dish. Especially those that contain a lot of fats.

You can also accompany delicious desserts, highlighting the flavors of fruits, yeasts and spices of each bite, being accompanied by an exquisite Gran Reserva Cava.

Of course, if you want something less dry, but not sweet, you can choose a Gran Reserva Brut Cava. The latter, together with the former, are considered the most natural and pure, since in neither of them sugar is added at any of the stages of wine preparation.

How do you drink Cava Brut?

A Cava Superior Gran Reserva to be tasted properly must be at a temperature of around 8 to 10°C, that is to say that about three hours in the refrigerator should be enough.

To serve it, the first thing to take into account is that the bottle should not be shaken at any time. Once it has been uncorked, it is taken by the body and the liquid is allowed to slide down the wall of the glass, never above 2/3. This prevents the bubble from rising too high and spilling out.

Choosing the right glass is also very significant. It is usually recommended to use those in the shape of a tulip, transparent, of course. In this way you can enjoy the golden tone of your Cava, while observing the fun columns of bubbles.

Do not forget that to properly taste this bubbly wine you must start by exploring its aromas, which are a real delight and prepare the palate for the explosion of flavors that come next. Enjoy each sip, savoring it without rushing it.

Of course, remember to take the glass by the stem so that your Cava does not heat up and keep its refreshing touches.

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