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Cavas of Qualified Area

This category includes a selection of the best Cavas of Qualified Area, those sparkling wines that have been made with grapes from singular vineyards or estates of excellent quality. These are premium cavas that are unique in the world.

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Qualified Area Cava, a denomination carried with pride

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All about Cava of Qualified Area

Here is an excellent example of a Qualified Area Cava recommended by the best experts in oenology.

Alta Alella Mirgin Opus

The Alta Alella Mirgin Opus Cava comes from the Vallcivera area, 2 km from the Mediterranean Sea and 15 km from Barcelona. The soil of the vineyards is acidic, with good drainage and very low in lime. Two particular types of grapes grow there, Chardonnay and Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo), with which this high-altitude Cava is made, which ferments for 36 months before reaching your hands. These conditions make it one of the best 100 Spanish wines, according to Gilbert & Gaillard 2016, among other awards and mentions.

What is a Qualified Paraje Cava wine?

As with all wines, they are classified according to the fermentation time. That is why we find on the one hand the Cava with 9 months of aging, the Cava Reserva with 15 months of rest and the Gran Reserva Cava, with 30 months.

Now, what is a Qualified Paraje Cava? The sparkling wines that obtain this qualification carry it with pride, as it refers to the fact that their liqueurs are considered unique, since the grapes with which they have been made come from localities with unique characteristics. This results in wines of height and excellent quality.

The tasting notes of the Cava of the Qualified Area speak of these as liqueurs with a lot to tell, of a particular character, with a delicacy very much their own. It can be safely said that it is a Premium category, thanks to the fact that they come from places with climates and soils that have borne exceptional fruits.

What are the conditions to consider a Qualified Paraje Cava?

First of all, it is necessary to have a unique type of grape in the world, with particularities that come from the land where the vineyard grows. This terroir must have a minimum of 10 years of winemaking tradition. Of course, the base wine that is produced has a certified top quality.

The harvest must be manual, ensuring a meticulous selection of the fruit. In addition, the production is small, which makes these broths many times limited edition.

Tasting notes of a Qualified Single Estate Cava

The Cavas of Paraje Calificado present a very pleasant and tempting aroma experience. They contain floral notes and hints of ripe fruit, accompanied by smells that reveal their origin, such as minerals or woods.

As for the taste, it perfectly matches the aromas, adding slightly acidic, fresh and jovial notes. It is essential that the bubble is noticed, playful and fun, with soft persistence on the palate.

To serve it correctly, a tulip-type glass should be used, with a long stem and a thin bowl, to allow the bubble to form the attractive columns that are the signature of sparkling wines. As for the temperature, it should be around 7°C so that the liquor can express all its freshness.

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