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Cava is a wine with a sparkling touch, delicate and elegant taste. In our online store you can buy the best Cava sparkling wines, wines with Spanish denomination of origin that are characterized by their quality and tradition.

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Más Información sobre Cava
All about Cava

Cava is a wine widely used to accompany meals, especially appetizers, such as foie gras and caviar. It can also be used directly as an ingredient of the most exotic dishes.

Discover the Cava Wine we recommend

This Cava has a unique personality thanks to its artisanal elaboration and the grapes coming from a vineyard with more than 70 years. Only high-concentration grapes are produced, perfect for this drink.

Torre Galimany Gran Reserva

The Torre Galimany Gran Reserva is an altitude Cava with an aging of 30 months, made with tradition and dedication. Only the best fruits and yeasts are selected, to give it that flavor that makes it complex, unique and irresistible.

What are the best-selling Cavas?

In our online store we have a selection of the Cava with the greatest demand to offer a generous variety of its fruity and refreshing flavors.

Alta Alella Mirgin Laietà

A Cava with a marked flavor and an exquisite aroma, achieved thanks to a selection of organic grapes and an aging of 30 months. It is fermented at 15°C following the traditional and artisanal method.

Aurum Extravagance

This is an exquisite and elegant Cava Brut Nature. It has a delicate image of golden flakes of edible 24-carat gold, floating in the sparkling liquid. It is the perfect companion for an unforgettable evening.

Don Román Rosé

It is a variety of Cava aged for 9 months, made with selected grapes from vineyards with approximately 30 years. Its aroma is elegant and dominant and its taste is fruity and elongated, with refreshing touches.

The best Cava cellars

To be able to taste this exotic wine, we leave you the three best wineries where you will find high quality Cavas.

Casa Sala

Casa Sala Winery

In this winery, in addition to finding the best Cava, you will discover a unique variety, the Can Sala. The sparkling delight is a tribute to traditions and a celebration in honor of the family that gave life to one of the most recognized Cava companies: Freixenet.

Celler de Les Aus

Celler de les Aus Winery

This winery is characterized by the creation of wines, based on a completely natural process, respectful of traditions to achieve an elixir of splendid quality.

Alta Alella Mirgin

Alta Alella Mirgin Winery

A family tradition winery, whose greatest pride is the production of organic wines. Their dedication has led them to be one of the most recognized throughout the country.

What is cava?

Cava is a sparkling wine that acquires this charming effect thanks to that second fermentation that takes place once it is bottled. Its origin dates back to 1872, in the Catalan town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, where the first bottles were produced following this method.

The religious Benedictine noticed how by adding sugar, added to a second fermentation carried out in the same bottle, refreshing bubbles were produced in a young wine, similar to those of Champagne.

At that time, the bubbling effect did not last too long. Since that moment, supported by tradition, research and technology, the producers of these wines have managed that this effervescence remains long enough to be able to enjoy it.

To choose the best Cava we recommend you to know a little more about the different classifications that exist. This way you will get exactly the aroma and flavor you expect, according to the occasion you have selected to taste it.

How many types of Cava are there?

The types of Cava differ by the amount of sugar that is added for the time of the second fermentation. In the same way, the type of wine that is added is taken into account, which can be from barrels, for example.

The aging time, the second fermentation and of course, the type of grape used for the preparation of the wine are also considered. According to current regulations, as of 2021 we will then find that Cavas are classified as follows:

  • According to the sugar content: Cava Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Cava Brut, Extra Dry, Dry, Semi Dry and Sweet.
  • According to the aging time: Young Cava, Reserva and Gran Reserva.
  • According to the location of the vineyard: By zones and sub-zones.

What is a bottle of Cava?

A bottle of Cava refers specifically to Spanish sparkling wine, its second fermentation has been carried out in the same container in order to obtain this effervescent, delicate and exquisite elixir. That's where this drink comes into your hands, directly from the cellars in which it rests.

This type of drink is called Cava, referring to the traditional way of fermentation and obviously, to the place where they have spent the aging time, that is, a cava.

3 differences between Cava and Champagne

Although they are very similar, since both are made with the same artisan process, there are three determining differences between Champagne and Cava.

  • The type of grape. In the case of Cava, Parellada, Xarel·lo and Macabeo grapes are mostly used, while Champagne is based on Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.
  • The area of origin. Champagne comes from France, specifically from the region that has the same name. For its part, Cava belongs completely to Spain.
  • The type of terrain and climate where the grapes are grown.

What is the difference between Sparkling Wine and Cava?

The biggest difference between sparkling wine and Cava refers to its geographical origin. In general, these drinks are made following the same rules that tradition dictates, in order to achieve that delicate and bubbly touch that fascinates those who taste it.

In the case of Cava, it’s referred especially to wines made in the regions of Spain where the vineyards with history are located.

Nowadays, sparkling wines are made in many places around the world, with a wide variety of grapes and formulas that make them vary in taste, smell and quality. Of course, the ideal is to buy the best Cava and be able to give your celebrations the joy and elegance they deserve with a unique drink.

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What kind of wine are you looking for?
What kind of wine are you looking for?
What brands are you interested in?
What brands are you interested in?
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Denomination of Origin
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Grape Varieties