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Rosé Cavas

Cava Rosé is that spectacular sparkling wine that is made from various varieties of red grapes as the main element, combined with white varieties loaded with flavor and personality. To get a luxury rosé cava you must visit our online store where you will find the best flavor.

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All about Cava Rosé

The Rosé Cava is the perfect companion as an aperitif in a meal. It stands out for its traditional fermentation process. The prominence that it has been acquiring is increasing, thanks to its quality and body.

Recommended Rosé Cava

Without a doubt, there are many high-quality pink Cavas, so finding the best one can be difficult. If you want to enjoy the best flavor, full of glamor and elegance, you should try the following:

Alta Alella Mirgin Laietà Rosé

Made from the Monastrell variety, it is a rosé sparkling wine that requires a minimum aging of 30 months. It stands out for being a Cava Brut Nature Rosado, Gran Reserva Ecological (Organic) and Vegan. It makes a special reference by highlighting "our terroir".

Best-selling Cava Rosado

Finding the perfect companion for each meal or event can be a complicated task, that's why getting the best Rosé Cavas requires following the recommendations offered by the experts.

Alta Alella Mirgin Rosé

Made with Monastrell variety, it is produced after an aging process of approximately 15 to 30 months. It is a sparkling wine suitable for vegans and enters the classification of Brut Nature Rosado Reserva, produced in an organic way.


It is a spectacular rosé cava that arises with the Pansa Rosada variety (Vermell Xarel-lo). Its breeding process is from 15 to 24 months. It is part of the Brut Nature "Rosé" type of Natural Organic Reserve. It is suitable for vegans and does not contain added sulfurous.

Don Román Rosé

A little simpler than the previous ones, but with the same quality, this cava of Trepat variety that is made under the traditional method and is achieved after an aging process of 9 months.

The best Rosé Cava wineries

Paying attention to the general recommendations of the most studied in the field and also guided by the quality rankings, we can recommend the following as the best wineries of this product:

Alta Alella Mirgin

Alta Alella Mirgin Winery

Recognized as one of the best in its style, it is located in the Serralada de Marina Natural Park, in Barcelona. It is a family winery that stands out for the creation of organic wines.

Celler de Les Aus

Celler de les Aus Winery

It stands out for being one of the pioneering family wineries in the creation and elaboration of 100% natural wines. Its main focus is respect for the earth and raw materials. They have excellent quality and do not add sulfites.

Premium Fincas

Grupo de bodegas Premium Fincas

It is a group that has more than 100 years of experience. It has the best designations of origin in Spain. Located in great locations, they have the best quality products. They own more than 300 farms throughout the territory.

What is Rosé Cava?

In general terms, cavas stand out for being a very aromatic and fresh type of sparkling wine. Their taste is fresh fruity, so they are ideal for a toast, celebration or aperitif.

Over the years, Rosé Cava has become one of the favorites to enjoy, especially in the summer. In its elaboration, grapes such as Grenache or Garnacha, Trepat, Pinot Noir and Monastrell are used.

In order to understand what is a Rosé Cava, you need to know that it is a type of sparkling wine, which gets this color because red grapes are used for its elaboration. In order to achieve that tone, the must obtained from the grape is left in contact with the skin, so it is dyed. Subsequently, the process that follows in its production is the same as the rest, always using the traditional method.

An important thing to know is that, depending on the aging time, you can find a Cava de Guarda Rosado, a Reserva or a Gran Reserva. It should be noted that, unlike the other wines, cava has less tannins than red wines.

What to eat with Rosé Cava?

Getting a good and cheap rosé cava is not complicated work, since in our country you can choose from a wide variety of options. It is ideal to accompany snacks such as salted and pickled and other gourmet food.

It is perfect if we are enjoying some olives, some anchovies or some gildas. Thanks to their taste and freshness, they are able to balance spicy flavors. It is a more than perfect companion for exotic Asian food such as Thai, Korean or Japanese.

It is also very good accompanying a paella. A good Semi-Sweet Rosé Cava, can help you better taste any type of food, especially those where intense flavors are the key, such as an Indian curry.

Therefore, there are different Rosé Cavas that, depending on the taste of each dinner, can accompany different events very well. If you want to celebrate in a big way and stand out as the best, then in summer a Rosé Cava will be very good for you.

The best Rosé Cava in Spain can be found in our online store, where you can choose from a wide variety of options and characteristics. Let your senses wake up and be filled with unique sensations, by the hand of a good rosé cava.

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