Cocoa & Rioja Red Wine Truffles


Cocoa & wine… Food of the Gods merges with drink of the Gods. Variety: Tempranillo. 12 truffles in each canister, 126 GRS.

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Kankel Cacao




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Sugar, cacao paste, cocoa butter, milk powder, red wine (contains sulfites), anthocyanins, soy lecithin and vanilla. Store in a cool, dry place.

What you have in front of you is real, the truth of La Rioja, the Union of two worlds that pair perfectly: wine and cacao.

The best ideas arise from the challenge, that question that catches your mind… and what would happen if we encapsulated a ganache of creamy wine and its aromas, in a covering, and if, in addition, the skin made with grape skin, enveloped this delicate set?

Cacao truffles and red wine from Rioja. Truffles made with Docª Rioja wine. Tempranillo Variety. Kankel Cacao.

Kankel Cocoa

Kankel Cacao was born inspired by the desire to create a delicate, sophisticated and genuine personal experience through the origin of cacao. A project that starts Juan Ánggel Rodrigálvarez, award for Best Pastry Chef in 2010 from the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, among many other awards. His experience for more than 30 years and his personal way of understanding the world of cocoa is transformed into pure and complex flavors at the same time. An experience appropriate to different times and ways of understanding this fascinating product of the Earth: cacao. The purpose of Kankel is, zoom in a portion of that land of origin through the flavors and sensations of cacao, zoom in a portion of the land where he was born, close to the essence of their environment, of their region.

Why cocoa?

With a simple search on the internet we can see the benefits of what Maya was called “Food of the Gods”, a healthy food, with a high antioxidant power in addition to many other properties. It makes us in a good mood. These conclusive data aside, the true nature of the Kankel was gestated years ago. Juan Ánggel Rodrigálvarez’s tireless search for the best cacao for its elaboration. The tenacity with which he has always tried, through talks and tastings of cacao, to make known what a good chocolate is, thus teaching to flee from the mistreatment to which he has been subjected to this delicacy. His concern that people understand, acquire and recognize what is really worth when consuming it, always concluded with the same thought: I could do and give much more if I make my own chocolate. This is how that passion for chocolate grew, as did his mastery of elaborations until Kankel came true.

Approximately 90% of the cacao produced worldwide comes from families who grow in small fields of less than five hectares and many do not know the value of their products. In Kankel we value this complex work, we buy directly from the producers, we visit the plantations, we know their daily work and the quality of cacao. We participate in fair trade for all of them. There is a close relationship with local producers, they are a vital part of the kankel chain, and it is thanks to that contact and trust that Kankel can offer these genuine and special bean to bar chocolates.

Organic food

Overexploitation and non-organic farming have caused irreparable damage to the environment of these regions, especially in the last decade. Respect for the product, from the plantations to its elaboration, and respect for the land that gives us its fruits, are part of the philosophy of Kankel Cacao.

Selection of origin and bean

Our varieties have been selected from more than 70 types of cacao. An intense search that is part of our way of learning and experiencing. This fruitful investigation has allowed us to strengthen ties with our valuable collaborators and producers.

Fermented and dried

It is this same relationship with each of the local producers that has allowed us to experiment, innovate and enrich each production. During fermentation ideal conditions are created for the formation of aroma and taste. Drying is done in the sun. These artisan processes are what also confer that personality of cacao, thus creating a link with the land in which it is grown.

Cocoa roasting

Once we receive these fruits begins the careful selection bean to bean. Roasting at low temperature helps to develop secondary aromas. It is again a very pampered elaboration in which time and temperature vary depending on the cacao and what you want to obtain. This is how from the same cacao we can get different flavor notes and it is here that the Master puts his imprint.

Kankel Cacao & Rioja Red Wine Truffles

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