Organic wines, although they are becoming fashionable, should not be any fashion, but a need to treat our earth with more care, respect and we should think about the future. If we apply very aggressive chemicals earth degrades earlier and it will need much more time to recover.

Why Organic Wine?

Conventional wines are healthy and organic wines are healthier for several reasons and among them it should be highlighted the fact that organic farming allows the amount of polyphenols in the wine to be higher and therefore be healthier. Polyphenols are an antioxidant that causes positive effects on our health (as prevention of cardiovascular diseases and others that have to do with aging). However, consumption must be moderate.

More and more wineries are producing organic wines and although the process of converting vineyards to organic at first is hard, in the future bears fruit and improves the efficiency of the vineyard. Each year more and more quality organic wines are produced.

Why Vegan Wine?

Vegan wines are a type of wine that arises to meet the demand for a lifestyle that rejects the use of goods and services that come from animal origin, based on ethical principles of respect for animals, environmental and health principles.

But one wonders, if the wine is made of grapes, if the field is worked in a mechanized way in most cases, if the aging is done in wooden vats, in amphorae, in bottles, then

Where are the products of animal origin added in the wine? Or what animal products are used in wine making?

The answer lies in the process of clarifying the wines that is done before bottling to remove natural substances that are in suspension and give it a cloudy hue, something that is not usually pleasing to the eye. After clarification wines become clean and bright. The thing is that the products used for this clarification traditionally are of animal origin (egg white, gelatin from the bones etc) and some wineries to meet the need of vegan market have begun to use for clarifying the plant proteins from the potato, peas, among others, or even in some wines there is a commitment to not make the clarification with any type of product (in this case the wine will not be clean and bright as a clarified one).

Today, most vegan wines come from vineyards with an organic certificate in accordance with the principle of respect for the environment.

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