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We know that gourmet products will always be a product full of personality, sophistication and exquisiteness. Therefore, if you want to get the best food with sophisticated preparation, you should not hesitate to visit our online store.

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Más Información sobre Gourmet
All about Gourmet

Although nowadays it is a recurring term in gastronomic marketing, talking about gourmet products really refers to elements or products that are considered delicatessen.

Recommended Gourmet products

Although there are many delicious products that can enter the classification of delicatessen or gourmet products, without a doubt the best recommendation of a sophisticated elaboration is this.

Cocoa & Rioja Red Wine Truffles

Exquisite blend of another level that fuses cocoa and wine. Food of the gods that includes 12 truffles made with a delicious Tempranillo. Combination of two worlds paired perfectly.

Best-selling gourmet products

Starting from the most refined tastes and the best combinations, the outstanding and most delicate gourmet bites are obtained below:

4 Aces Cinco Jotas

Spectacular envelopes in which you will find the best Iberian delicacies. A packet with sliced 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder, a packet with sliced 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham, a packet of sliced 100% Iberian acorn-fed loin and a packet of sliced caña de presa (shoulder cut).

Olim Di Mare

Exquisite and wonderful underwater extra virgin olive oil in amphora, first of its kind. It is of the Arbequina variety of the Siurana Denomination of Origin. It is marinated at least 6 months under the Mediterranean Sea.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50 cl La Maja

Extraordinary blend of selected varieties to create an incredible extra virgin olive oil. It is a limited annual edition unique for its flavor, product of its cold elaboration.

The best brands of gourmet products

In a general sense, it could be believed that any product today can be gourmet, after the exaggerated use of the word. But the truth is that to get the best products of this type we can give you the following recommendations:

Kankel Cacao

Chocolates Kankel Cacao

Standing out for being one of the Albelda de Iregua chocolate brands in La Rioja, they specialize as such in the preparation and creation of the best chocolates, obtained through cocoa from different parts of the world.

Cinco Jotas

Cinco Jotas

Exclusive brand that represents the best quality Iberian hams, acorn-fed. All of them come from the Dehesa de Huelva, in Andalusia. In addition, they offer another series of sausages, all bellota and 100% Iberian.

La Maja

La Maja

Company with a long history in the market that is dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil of the best quality and flavor. They elaborate them through the traditional way, endorsed with the Denomination of Origin of Navarre.

What are the delicatessen products?

Choosing the best exclusive gourmet products can be a bit complicated, but the truth is that it is not. Thanks to our online gourmet store that puts at your disposal a wide variety of ideas to choose from, the process is simpler.

Here you can find options for all tastes, designed to satisfy the needs of a very demanding public. Within our extensive catalogue, you will find the best accompaniments for your wines and you will surprise your guests.

Some recommendations that we can provide you with are:

  • Natural Extra whole artichokes: a wonderful option to share coming from the white variety of Navarre. They do not contain artificial flavors.
  • Spectacular whole asparagus: traditional white asparagus, without any fibers and with its characteristic bitter point.
  • Whole piquillo peppers: delicious, small, red and sweet piquillo peppers, made dry to maintain all their flavor and intensity.
  • Field baith shoulder ham: 100% Iberian, finely sliced, enjoys the distinction of black seal for its maximum quality. Without a doubt, a real delight.
  • 9 Olive Trees: a gastronomic experience of the highest level, presents 3 single varietals of extra virgin olive oils. We are talking about Arbequina, Royal and Picual.
  • Valentín organic olive oil: considered the best organic extra virgin olive oil in La Rioja.

All these online gourmet products can be found in our store. Do not waste any more time and become the king of the celebration always offering the best, accompanied by one of our wine packs.

What will you find in our Gourmet Products Store?

Thanks to the number of options we have available it is feasible to choose from the best canned products, delicious Iberian hams and a wide variety of olive oils.

You can make the request of your gourmet products at home, in this way the organization of your meeting or celebration will be simpler.

As for the delicatessen food products, we can mention the canned ones, where the best seasonal vegetables and greens are offered. The advantage of them is that you can enjoy them at any time of the year and accompany them with a good cava if the occasion arises.

They all come from the Spanish fields and lands. In addition, it is essential to recommend and talk about an infallible good olive oil, one of the irreplaceable of the Mediterranean diet.

They are also the best ally to maintain a good diet. We accompany it with the best Iberian hams, which are undoubtedly a delicacy of the gods.

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