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Iberian Hams

What about Iberian ham? Without a doubt it is a real delicacy for the palate. The Iberian ham has a very special flavor, which comes from the high quality of the meat and the fats it contains. Our online store offers a selection of the best to delight your palate.

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If you buy Iberian ham it means that you know how to choose the best quality

Más Información sobre Jamón
All about Ham

This ham comes from the breed of Iberian pigs, which are bred so that their meat can acquire unique flavors that differentiate them from any others.

The most exquisite Iberian ham

To offer a top quality Iberian ham requires great dedication and knowledge to give the pig proper breeding and feeding so that its meat is as exotic as expected.

Iberian Ham & Shoulder Jam Cinco Jotas

A 100% Iberian Ham that has the support of the family tradition that has passed from one generation to another for more than 130 years. Its quality is both a reflection of dedication, knowledge and passion.

Try the best-selling Iberian hams

A good Iberian ham conquers from the first glance. Its aroma gives away its quality and each cut is a prelude to its unsurpassed flavor. These are the best-selling hams.

4 Aces Cinco Jotas

Four packets with 80 grams of pure quality. It offers the best cuts of this delicious 100% Iberian acorn-fed meat. Taste the shoulder, the sliced loin, the shoulder cut and the Iberian ham. A delicacy recognized throughout the world.

Cinco Jotas Acorn-Fed Ibérico Shoulder Ham

A presentation of the whole piece, made with the front legs of the purebred pig. An animal that has grown up in the wild, feeding exclusively on acorns. Their meat is delicious and of indisputable quality.

Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Cañas Selection Cinco Jotas

This elegant case contains three of the most sophisticated 100% Iberian acorn-fed cañas, made by this renowned brand. Its presentations with pepper, natural and of caña de presa (cured shoulder cut), take the flavor of the meat to a completely higher level.

Differences between Iberian ham and Serrano ham

When we talk about Iberian and Serrano ham, the first difference that must be pointed out is that they come from different breeds of pigs.

In the case of Serrano ham, it comes from the white pig, also known by the name of ham. It is located in different countries of the world, so you can find its meat anywhere.

For its part, Iberian hams come from a pig with the same name, which is a breed that belongs only to Spain. That is why you will not find it easily anywhere else. In addition, the breeding of animals is also very different, since the Iberian pigs live in freedom within the boundaries of farms and are fed with a high concentration of oleic acids. This makes your meat acquire an exotic taste and can be healthier.

Iberian hams are distinguished into several categories according to these characteristics. That is, the type of food, its purity level, the curing time and the Denomination of Origin according to the region where they were bred.

Know the main factors of ham quality

One of the things that determines the quality of Iberian ham is the purity of the breed of the animal in question. This is measured based on their parents. For example, suppose the mother is 100% Iberian, then, depending on the father we will have the following:

  • Father Duroc or another breed: we will have 50% Iberian breeding.
  • Father 50% Iberian: we will get a 75% Iberian pig.
  • 100% Iberian father: obviously, we will have a totally pure pig, 100% Iberian.

Of course, the purer the pork, the higher the quality of ham we will have. But that's not all. In order for meat to offer its qualities, it is necessary that the animal be raised in freedom and fed in accordance with the regulations governing this type of food.

Depending on what the pigs eat, the meats acquire different flavors and are healthier. That is why there is even a classification for Iberian hams according to the type of food that the animals eat.

Among the Iberian hams, the acorn-fed ham stands out because it is of an extraordinary quality, but we must not forget the Iberian cebo ham and the Iberian recebo ham. The difference from each other is in the food and the time they are in the field.

  • The cebo ham comes from an Iberian pig that feeds on cereals and animal feed and is raised on farms or enclosed spaces.
  • The recebo ham comes from an Iberian pig whose upbringing has been partly in closure and another in the field, so in its diet is the feed and cereals and the herbs, fruits and acorns that are in the Dehesa.
  • The bellota ham comes from an Iberian pig that has been raised free in the field so its diet is what the Dehesa offers, herbs, fruits and acorns.

They are all high quality hams, their way of aging is what makes their flavor different. Which one is the best? This is something that everyone has to decide according to their tastes.

Finally, the hams have a Denomination of Origin, which refers to the location of the farms where the pigs have been raised. This is another factor that guarantees the quality of the meat, due to the optimal climate and vegetation for raising these animals.

  • Jabugo
  • Dehesa de Extremadura
  • Pedroche
  • Guijuelo

What is the best Iberian ham?

To choose the best Iberian ham, it is enough to look at the aforementioned characteristics, which are those that provide quality to the meat. Now, there is also a categorization that refers to the healing time that the piece has gone through.

Like the red reserva wines, the longer the curing process has been (aging in the case of wine), the higher quality is attributed to the Iberian ham. In this way it is also possible to infer which of these meats is the best.

  • Jamon de bodega, goes through 9 months of curing.
  • Jamon Reserva, has passed 12 months of curing.
  • El Jamon Gran Reserva Ham has been cured for 15 months.
  • 100% pure Acorn-fed Iberian ham, Denomination of Origin, 36 months of curing.

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