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We know that gourmet olive oil is one of the most important elements of a good cuisine, especially the Mediterranean one. It stands out for its flavor and its great properties. To get the best and highest quality you just have to visit our online store.

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All about Oil

Olive oil is extracted from the olive's own pulp, hence it has a very characteristic flavor and color. Classified according to its quality in pomace oil, olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil; gourmet oil is part of the latter and stands out for its superior quality.

Recommended gourmet olive oil

Also called Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) or Premium Oil, this name is added to differentiate it from other brands on the market. Undoubtedly, its greatest value is the superior quality it has, after its elaboration with green olives. Among the best we can recommend:

Olim Di Mare

Wonderful oil of the Arbequina variety. It has a Siurana Designation of Origin marinated in amphora, after a 6-month process under the water of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the first underwater extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Best-selling gourmet olive oil

To get the best olive oil it is necessary that it is obtained from the best olives. So following the recommendation of experts in the field, we share the best:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50 cl La Maja

Excellent oil obtained thanks to the mixture of several components selected in a special way. It is achieved thanks to cold extraction and has several awards for its quality.

Mi Oliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 L

Wonderful product obtained from the Arbequina olive variety. It is an oil that is made through cold extraction after less than 12 hours from the collection of the olives.

Alfar Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Incredible variety of oil obtained through only Arbequina olives, after harvesting them in less than 12 hours. It is extracted through the cold pressing process, obtaining a high-quality yellowish-green liquid.

What is gourmet olive oil?

Gourmet olive oil, also known as Premium, is extra virgin, of a higher quality and flavor. Also standing out for an extraordinary and unique fruity aroma. This is its main quality.

The depth of its aroma hints at nuts, since you can feel flavors such as almond, forest fruits, eucalyptus, walnut, vanilla, chamomile, citrus and many more.

It receives this name because it is part of the classification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is obtained after using for its manufacture, green olives that have not yet finished ripening.

As an effect of this, it is much more difficult to store and additionally, its pulp is tighter, requiring more kilos of olives for its elaboration to be able to produce a liter of oil.

It is for this reason that gourmet oils have a limited production because they have a low fat yield that you can accompany with any of our other gourmet products.

Why is olive oil good?

The most outstanding thing about this type of oil is that compared to others, it is mainly composed of oleic acid. Thanks to its high level, its consumption is much healthier.

Not only its taste is positive, but it is also a substance rich in antioxidants and its frequent consumption allows to combat cellular oxidation. In addition, it is proven that it is a positive source of vitamins K and E.

Its fat content compared to other oils is better, so consuming it regularly is positive to avoid developing bad cholesterol. Its correct consumption is positive in general.

Types of Olive Oil:

According to its components and its way of making, as well as its quality, there are 4 types of olive oils. This classification is obtained after the commercial categories recognized by European legislation.

In its division we can find:

  • Olive Pomace Oil: The lowest quality within the classification of olive oils, but equally good. It is obtained from the mixture of virgin olive oils and other oils.
  • Olive Oil: Considered a slightly milder oil, it arises from the mixture of virgin olive oil and refined oils.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: In this case, this oil is extracted in the same way as extra virgin, and what changes is the degree of acidity it has, which is usually above 0.8% and never exceeds 2%.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It is considered one of the best olive oils, it is the most precious and stands out because its degree of acidity is less than 0.8%, very natural.
  • Gourmet or Premium Olive Oil: Being a classification belonging to the extra virgin, its biggest difference is the quality of the olives with which it is made.

How much fat does olive oil have?

Olive oil is undoubtedly one of the best on the market, standing out for its low calorie and fatty acid content. Therefore, when we talk about olive oil, we should know that its saturated fats barely reach 13%.

Its main fatty acid is oleic, which can also be called monounsaturated, being considered a healthy fat. In addition, it contains a high percentage of antioxidants that are positive for health.

Benefits of Olive Oil

  • Being the Mediterranean diet one of the healthiest and most balanced that exist, where 30 or 35% corresponds to the consumption of fats, this is where olive oil takes center stage.
  • As it is rich in monounsaturated fats, it is part of the group of healthy fats.
  • Its composition helps to live longer. It is an oil that contains antibacterial properties.
  • It helps to increase the PH of the body and protects the digestive system.
  • It has antioxidant properties, which is why it is ideal for those who want their skin to look healthy.

For these reasons, if you are considering having a special detail with a loved one, a good gourmet gift olive oil is the best option. Think about the possibility of choosing a pack of gourmet oils, which you can find at the best price in our online store.

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