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In our online store you can buy the most exquisite Tempranillo wine. The range of options that you will find offers you the possibility to select from the most emblematic of the best vineyards to please your demanding palate.

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All about Tempranillo

The main characteristic of this wine corresponds to its short ripening cycle if we compare it with other grape varieties. It begins with the end of winter, entering in the spring and ends before the first cool of autumn.

Recommended Tempranillo wine

To recommend, nothing better than a surprisingly fresh and fruity wine. However, if you are an expert wine drinker, you will like a well-balanced one with emphasized aromas and its intense red color.

Berarte Selected Vintage

One of the best ways to know the quality of Tempranillo is by tasting this wine. These grapes are extracted from ancient vineyards and stand out for the combination of aromas provided by the grapes of the Rioja Alavesa and toasted oak.

The best-selling Tempranillo wines

Among the best-selling Tempranillo wines we offer you three that in the mouth are fresh, well balanced and velvety with age.

Berarte Crianza

Its aging process is 12 months in American oak barrels. It is sophisticated with fruity taste and aroma and an impeccable ruby color. Its soft balsamic notes are perceived on the palate.

Tobía Selección de Autor

Its maceration and fermentation process is quite thorough until its natural stabilization in barrels is achieved. Its cherry-red color with garnet sparkles is complemented by the balance and freshness that is perceived in the mouth, thanks to the presence of strawberries, currants, licorice, plums.

Grand Mare

It is a limited edition wine, fresh and fruity with a well-balanced acidity. It has been aged in French oak barrels in which it remains for 8 months, to then be bottled and immersed in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in Alicante.

The best Tempranillo wine cellars

Below we present three outstanding wineries, each specialized in making their Tempranillo wines the most remarkable on the market.


Berarte Winery

It is based on the tradition of three generations of the Berarte family, who have dedicated themselves to making red, white and rosé organic wines with Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.

Bodegas Tobía

Bodegas Tobía

They are dedicated to the production of a barrel-fermented rosé wine, among others, which has become a family hallmark.

The Sea Wine Club

The Sea Wine Club Winery

It is characterized by having the winery in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. These wines, due to their particular aging, acquire properties that are difficult to confuse.

What is a Tempranillo wine?

This variety of wine is made with grapes that take a short time to mature. Hence its name, because this type of grape is known as early grapes. They are characterized because their ripening time is less than that of other red grape varieties from Spain.

The bunches, once ripe, are large, compact and uniform. The berries have a beautiful bluish-black color on the outside, while their pulp is fleshy, colorless and with a lot of juice. These characteristics are very conducive to the production of red Tempranillo, which go well with everything.

This grape is characterized by its adaptation to the earth to the point that its properties change according to the soil in which it is grown. That is why it is known as the "grape of a thousand wines".

Thermal contrasts favor its aging. The low temperatures make it reach ideal acidity levels. On the other hand, the heat guarantees the sugar levels. For this reason, the most outstanding Tempranillo wines are produced in areas of the continental Mediterranean that have a lot of sun during the day and very low temperatures at night. The lands where they are produced with more renown are: Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

Aging in oak barrels makes it age very well. This completes its aromatic plum range, with notes of vanilla, leather, blackberry grass and licorice.

What is Tempranillo wine like?

Tempranillo is the main variety of red wine from Spain and many countries around the world. The type of grape is the main element that defines the aromatic aspects of the wine.

In this case, the aromas of Tempranillo wine is the result of the perfect link between the early grape and environmental aspects such as the climate, the land and the work of the farmers themselves. Each of these elements makes it a 100% versatile wine.

In general, this good red wine tends to be bright red and ruby red with a fruity character. The young wines have delicate herbaceous touches and the older wines stand out for their spicy and woody notes.

What is the quality of Tempranillo wine?

Tempranillo is the fourth grape variety in the world and is considered one of the nine noble red grape varieties.

The wine produced is of high quality. It has a good body and an exquisite complexity of colors, flavors, aromas and textures. It is the perfect companion at any table. These qualities make it worthy of everyone's recognition.

It is a medium-bodied wine, fine, and silky in the mouth. It combines the fruity, juicy and exuberant with the tempered that gives it its good acidity. It has a low alcohol content that fluctuates between 11 and 14 degrees.

These wines, as we have mentioned, can be consumed young. However, wines of higher quality are those wines that matured in oak barrels. They are delicious and easily identifiable. Several brands are aiming at the production of this type of wine.

Tempranillo is famous for its pairing with red meat and ham, but it is a surprisingly versatile wine that pairs well with roasted vegetables, smoked meats, starches, hard-hitting pasta and even Mexican cuisine.

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