Le Naturel Red ZERO ZERO


Did you know that alcohol-free wine exists? Yes, there is wine with no alcohol content, such as Le Naturel Tinto Zero Zero. An ideal wine for wine lovers who prefer to taste it without any alcohol.

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Product Information

Natural organic red without added sulfites

Le Naturel Zero Zero alcohol-free wines allow you to be 100% yourself. Because they have all the aroma, taste and texture of good wine, but not a drop of alcohol.

That is why they are ideal for sportsmen, mothers or simply if you are one of those who want to lead a healthier life.


All the personality of our best Garnacha Tinta but without a drop of alcohol.

When it comes to tasting, it is a refreshing and very ‘pintón’ wine with aromas of fresh red fruits with hints of spices. In the mouth it is a sweet wine, with a remarkable structure, good acidity, freshness and liveliness.

For the production of this wine, an innovative process is carried out in which the alcohol, which is the component that contributes most calories, is completely eliminated. This low temperature dealcoholisation process allows the aromas, flavours and original texture of the wine to be maintained. All this, by means of a very artisanal process under the philosophy of minimum intervention and in which it is possible to maintain the beneficial elements for health, such as antioxidants and polyphenols.

That is why Le Naturel Zero Zero, smells and tastes like wine but with much less calories…

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