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Limited Edition Wines

The limited edition wines are born from meticulous care and an exceptional grape. Only a few bottles are obtained from this elixir. In our online store you can buy wines of the highest quality. Pamper yourself with one of these.

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Buying a Limited Edition wine is a unique opportunity

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All about Limited Edition

These wines tell us about the quality of the vineyard and grape. They are an opportunity to know in depth the potential of the winery.

Recommended Limited Edition Wine

When we talk about edition wines, we refer to a small number of bottles, so tasting one of these bottles makes the moment an unforgettable evening.


A wine that offers a combined flavor of Mediterranean herbs and fleshy fruits, but above all flavour of old vineyard. Its aroma transports you to mountainous landscapes. Unique, unrepeatable, delicious.

Best-selling Limited Edition wines

Discover the best-selling special edition wines, that come from vineyards where the privileged conditions have us given grapes of  superior quality.

Barranco del San Ginés

A wine that with its aromas transports us to Laguardia. Its flavor is soft and delicate and stays in the mouth until the next sip, which will not take long to arrive, as it is simply irresistible.

Nuestro Majuelo

Its aroma begins with black fruits and minerals to give way to a background of cocoa and licorice. It offers a fleshy and broad flavor that fascinates. Tempranillo fermented in French oak for 18 months.

Barranco del Prado

A limited edition of 300 bottles, aged in American oak for 16 months. The Grenache grape comes from a vineyard with family tradition from the late nineteenth century. Its flavor and aroma transport you to incredible places.

The best wineries that produce Limited Edition wines

The special edition wines tell us about the potential of the wineries where they are aged. They long for the moment to offer their stories told between aromas and flavors.

Arizcuren Vinos

Arizcuren Wineries and Vineyards

Located in the Rioja town of Quel, it stands out for its superior quality wines, with Rioja Designation of Origin and made with Grenache grapes of great superiority.

MacRobert & Canals

Winery MacRobert & Canals

This family winery, also from La Rioja, offers wines that are ambassadors of the quality of the vineyards of this land with history and tradition in the production of wines.

The Sea Wine Club

The Sea Wine Club

A winery with unique conditions, since it is located under the sea. Their wines have flavors and aromas that you can not find in any other bottle.

What are Limited Edition wines?

Limited or Special Edition wines are born from a much more thorough and careful process than any other, almost as if the grape was pampered from the moment it is in the vine. The result is wines with a unique flavor and aroma, which in some cases can even be considered as reserva wines. However, there are some differences between the two.

Usually, they come from a small plot within the vineyard, where the grapes are particular, highlighting and surpassing in quality and flavor the rest of the vineyard, making them exceptional. Of course, this implies a more limited production, which makes these wines worthy of the qualification of “Limited Edition”.

Characteristics of a Limited Edition wine

When tasting a good wine, you feel trapped between its exquisite aroma and flavor, then we talk about a limited Edition wine that transports you to another dimension.

A Limited Edition wine tells you its origin, the story of the land that gave birth to the grape. In addition, it lets you know the potential of the winery it represents but without revealing the wonderful secrets that have led winemakers to the production of this elixir.

Each winery has its signature and particular characteristics for the elaboration of these wines, always demonstrating a great care of the artisanal and traditional process that results in a high quality wine.

To detect if a wine will be Limited Edition, winemakers perform constant tastings, monitoring the evolution of the wine. It is at that moment that they discover a magic in the drink, and putting aside the barrels that present this difference, they dedicate themselves in a personal way to create something exceptional.

In some cases, winemakers take the opportunity to create signature wines with these wines. Using their knowledge and giving them original touches to adjust the flavor and aroma, they can achieve a wine that offers a simply extraordinary and unrepeatable experience. It is this circumstance that seals this wine as a special edition.

What is a Limited Edition wine?

It is said that a wine is Limited Edition because its characteristics make it unique, beyond its taste and quality. For a broth to be considered special, at least three fundamental factors must be met.

Reduced number of bottles

From each crop a reduced run of specimens for this edition is obtained, making it simply unrepeatable. Sometimes the number can be reduced to only about 3.000 bottles.

Selection of the best grapes

First, there is a vineyard whose grapes have conditions and characteristics that differentiate them from the others. Then, the process of selecting the fruits is extremely demanding, taking only the best, to achieve a wine that offers superior quality.

A very careful winemaking

For its elaboration it is worked with great care and constant supervision, to keep a control of the evolution of the broth. It usually starts with a wine that the winery has as a star, but that at some point in the process presents a prominent flavor. Then, it is given a longer aging and maturation, passing through up to 12 barrels.

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