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There are moments that are perfect to share them with a delicious and refreshing beer. Some claim that no matter whether it’s a hot summer or a frosty winter, this drink is always well received at the table. Find the best craft beers in our online store.

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Craft beers and the love for traditions

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All about Beer

Craft beers are made from totally natural ingredients, often exotic, to give tones to their flavors. This is the case of craft beers prepared with sea water. These are limited edition drinks, of course, which gives them an additional charm.

Characteristics of craft beer

On the table it is common to find beers accompanying tapas, fish, fish & chips, olives, peanuts, cheeses, artisan sausages, chicken wings, fried potatoes or onion rings with different sauces. Of course, these are just a few suggestions, since these drinks offer a wide variety of meals to combine, including preserves and other gourmet products.

As with any drink, the first thing we will observe is its color. There is a wide variety of craft beers ranging from translucent golden to almost black. In any case, it should be a fresh and provocative tone that invites you to drink it. This trait offers us a first classification with its own characteristics.

  • Clara: it offers a flavor that recalls the grain from which it comes, with bakery tones.
  • Amber: it is a flavor with more toasty notes.
    Coffee: roasted beans and nuts are wrapped in chocolate notes.
  • Dark: strong cocoa and coffee with roasted flavors.

Traditionally, beers come from the fermentation of barley that can be presented in combination with wheat, oats or rice; and corn for those who follow a gluten-free diet. These usually additionally carry special ingredients, many of which are responsible for giving the exotic notes to their flavors.

The most special underwater beers

Many wineries have begun to ferment their wines under the waters of the sea, giving rise to unique wines with properties inherited from the depths of the oceans. And why not follow this same technique with beers?

Mustache is a beer brand that has dared the challenge of underwater beers, fermented under the waters of the Rías Baixas in Galicia. Their beers are already special because they include seawater in their ingredients, such as Hugo & Manolo Primavera. But in addition to that, it also has beers that have made their third fermentation under sea water.

These underwater beers differ from the rest not only in their appearance, because marine elements are embedded on the bottle that make them very attractive especially visually; they also have unique properties that must be tasted.

Types of craft beer according to their fermentation

There are two types of beers according to the fermentation process. The biggest difference between the two is in the duration time and the intensity of it.

  • Lager beers: their fermentation is slower and requires 2 to 6 months, resting at a temperature of between 7°C and 13°C, to complete the process. They are liquids with light golden tones, with a medium alcohol level and well carbonated. Very refreshing.
  • Ale beers: its process is shorter, taking only about 8 days, stimulating the yeasts with a temperature of 12°C to 24°C. The result is dense, deep-colored drinks with a high degree of alcohol. Its flavors and aromas tend a lot to floral and fruity tones.

Craft beer is a delight that allows a unique experience, with novel, fresh and modern flavors that mix with the traditions of generations.

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