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The summer drink par excellence. Sangrías transport us to our favourite beach bar wherever we are, while we enjoy its characteristic freshness and the sweetness provided by the fruit.

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Sangria, the perfect drink for summer

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All about Sangría

This drink is so charming that it has ended up conquering palates beyond the borders of Spain, becoming known throughout the world. It is common to find Sangria in parties and celebrations as part of a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

What is sangria and how is it prepared?

It is said that sangria evokes the blood of the Iberian people, which is full of passion and joy. That intense red color that gives the red wine that is its base and takes on nuances of aromas, flavors and even colors thanks to the fruits that dance funny inside.

According to legend, this refreshing drink was born from the inventiveness of the peasants and their need to face the hot summer temperatures. Another story claims that liquor smugglers chopped the fruits and added them to the barrels to make the authorities believe that they were juices.

Sangria is perfect for all occasions

The sangria was born sometime between 1700 and 1800 and, since then, every summer it presents itself to cheer us up and put a refreshing note to that period of the year.

As you probably already know, sangria is a cold and refreshing drink that is made based on wine, which is usually red, although it can also be prepared with white wine, rosé wine or even cava. Of course, whatever broth you choose, it should be fruity and sweet.

To prepare sangria at home:

A bottle of wine and a bottle of soda are mixed in equal parts. Then some other liqueur is added which can be brandy, rum or cognac and a few tablespoons of sugar, to taste. For the final touch, you add chopped fruits, such as apple, peach and pear.

To give it a fruity touch, include the juice of one lemon and one orange in your recipe. You can also place the wedges, which look very cute swimming in the drink. Some people add exotic touches such as cinnamon sticks, mint or ginger.

Leave in the refrigerator for about 4 hours so that the flavors are macerated with the wine and the fruit absorbs a little of the liqueurs. You will have a perfect drink to brighten up any celebration or just to enjoy a summer afternoon.

If you want your recipe to be a little more exquisite, try La Sueca Sangria. This has been macerated with natural fruit juices such as figs, peach, orange and lemon, among others. After this, nectar of mostro is added to it that adjusts the sweet to make it perfect.

Its fruity smells and cinnamon together with its marked and refreshing taste make it the ideal option, just adding some chopped fruits or even to drink it alone, refrigerating it for a few hours.

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