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Ozone wines! Very few people know that this type of wine exists. They are wines made from grapes from vineyards irrigated with ozonated water and have a series of characteristics that make them unique in the world of wine.

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Información sobre Vino Ozono
All about Ozone

The use of ozone-saturated water to sterilize barrels is a technique that is used in many wineries, but gaseous ozone penetrates the wood more easily and is therefore more effective in removing contaminating microorganisms.

What is ozone wine?

Ozone is the ideal solution for the food security sanitation process. When it comes to the health of wineries, we all know how extremely important flavor is. To avoid chemical infection or alteration of taste, ozone is essential for the process of sanitizing wineries for barrel aging. In addition to removing chemicals, it does not affect the taste of our favorite drinks.

Ozone systems disinfect, without leaving a single chemical residue, all barrels, corks, bottles, tanks and facilities in warehouses.

This technique of treating pests with ozone is applied in this case on plants. Ozone mainly eliminates brettanomyces and anisols so frequent in grapes; as well as prevents and treats diseases in crops in the vineyards.

Apart from the irrigation of vineyards with water with ozone there are many contributions that make these wines unique: injection of pyramidal energy, channeling information to the plant by its root, aerial ionization, ion exchange, adaptation of lunar cycles.

How is ozone wine made?

Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant that can replace other aggressive products used for the sanitation needs of the wine industries. This powerful oxidizing agent destroys bacteria, viruses and any microorganisms it encounters. Its properties can remove the cell walls of microbes.

Microbiological control is essential for the elaboration and production of wine, for example, for signature wines. Ozone offers a safer, less expensive and more effective solution than traditional chemical solutions.

The wine industry understands the advantages of ozone as a safe organic disinfection tool to produce the best possible product.

Aqueous ozone can be used to sanitize all equipment used in production, eliminating the movement of unwanted microbes: barrel, filters, floors, walls and other surfaces, while maintaining a hygienic space.

In addition, it can control fungi, air-spoiling organisms, odors, fruit flies, and some other bacteria-carrying insects and unwanted organisms.

Characteristics of Ozone Wine

Ozone wines have unique characteristics that no other wine in the world has, for example, if we turn the glass several times to the right or to the left, different aromas and flavors are obtained.

Ozone white wine can be served cold, even very cold up to 2 degrees below zero!

The red wines, once uncorked, are not vinegared after months and even years.

Is ozone wine the most expensive in the world?

The process is laborious and this increases its cost. The wine plants are treated with ozone and the wineries are completely sterilized to free them of pollutants, so that the wine ages in perfect harmony with its natural properties.

For all this process AurumRed Gold is considered as the most expensive wine in the world. This limited edition wine costs 25,000 euros per bottle. Its scarcity is another element that increases the cost: from each vintage, about 300 bottles come to the market. Of these, 150 bottles are usually reserved for people who usually purchase them.

In 2019, another jewel has come to the market, the first sparkling wine with a taste and aroma different from the sparkling methods currently known and with varieties that have never been used for this purpose: Roussanne, Fiano, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer. The method is called HGV and is totally new.

Disinfection of the wood of wine barrels

Ozone gas can be used to completely eliminate all microorganisms and bacteria, up to a depth of more than 6 mm. Ozone ensures total disinfection without leaving any organic residue and therefore eliminates possible flavor alterations caused by traces of contaminants.

Compared to other chemicals, ozone leaves no chemical by-products because it evaporates quickly into oxygen and does not require rinsing after sanitation, reducing time and water use. This whole process allows manufacturers to create a more desirable and higher quality product.

The result that ozone gives us

Red ozone wine does not run the risk of vinagre. It remains even though it has been opened. One of its most outstanding qualities is that it has different aromas and flavors. This will depend on whether the glass is turned to the right or to the left.

The consumer always has the last word and will go according to that he has experienced a magical moment and it has been worth taking a while of his time to enjoy this type of wine.

In ozone wines all the factors that influence their quality are closely monitored. That is why there is no doubt that these are the ones that are in the group of the most expensive wines in the world.

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