Ozone wines! Very few people know that such wines exist. These wines are made from grapes from vineyards watered with ozonated water. For sure you’ve heard of ozonotherapy, an alternative medical treatment that involves injecting a mixture of oxygen and ozone into the body through different pathways. This technique of treating pests is applied not only in humans, but also in animals and plants.

Ozone wines go far beyond the organic. Besides irrigation of vineyards with water with ozone there are many contributions that make these wines unique: injection of pyramidal energy, channeling information to the plant by its root, aerial ionization, ion exchange, adaptation of lunar cycles.

For all this, wines with ozone have characteristics that no other wine in the world has, for example, if you turn the glass several times to the right or to the left you get different aromas and flavors. Ozone white wine can be served cold but very cold up to 2 degrees below zero! The Reds (one made of Tempranillo, another made of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) once the bottle is open wines don’t oxidize after months and even years. That is why it is not strange that one of these red wines is the most expensive wine in the world that costs 25,000€ and only 300 bottles are produced.

In 2019 the market has come out another treasure, the first sparkling with different taste and aromas to the currently known methods of sparkling wines and varieties that have never been used for this purpose Roussanne, Fiano, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer. The method is called HGV which is a totally new method.

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