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Gran Reserva Red Wines

A Gran Reserva red wine goes through 5 years of aging and reaches your hands to offer an incredible experience. In our store you will find only the best of the best.

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Información sobre Vino Tinto
All about Red Wine Gran Reserva

The Gran Reserva wines age for 5 years in the cellars, two in barrels and three in the bottle. Getting ready to show off their best.

Recommended Gran Reserva red wine

The aromas of this wine display unique sensations that express elegance. A delight that counts itself from the first impression.

Óscar Tobía Gran Reserva

Its velvety flavor is received gently in the mouth, with good balance and a perfect concentration of tannins. It stays on the palate displaying its charms for a long time.

Best-selling Gran Reserva red wines

Choosing a good red wine requires being a connoisseur. These are the ones our customers consider among the best, which is why they are the best sellers.

Santalba Viña Hermosa Gran Reserva

Its color is intense and deep, with spicy aroma with hints of ripe fruit and notes of vanilla. On the palate it offers an elongated, soft taste, which remains elevating the sensations.

Usoa de Bagordi Gran Reserva

Its aroma offers a medley of fragrances with tones of ripe fruit and cocoa. On the other hand, the taste shows soft tannins, well integrated, woody and mature.

Biurko Gran Reserva

Its cherry color enchants at first sight opening the way to a mineral aroma, with hints of ripe fruit. The quality of the grapes is perceived on the palate, giving this wine its own and unique character.

The best Gran Reserva wine cellars

Making a Gran Reserva wine is synonymous with exceptional quality, elegance, knowledge and dedication full of passion and love for traditions.

Bodegas Tobía

Tobia Winery

The innovative idea of creating an excellent barrel fermented wine has become the hallmark that places this family among the most outstanding in the world of wines.

Bodegas Bagordi

Bagordi Winery

With the Rioja Designation of Origin seal and the support of a family tradition, the organic wines of this winery offer superior quality.


Santalba Winery

This winery has the privilege of a location with wine tradition such as La Rioja. The grapes that grow in these lands only know how to produce the best wine.

What is a Gran Reserva red wine?

Within the extensive world of wine culture the Gran Reserva is the maximum jewel of the wineries. An exotic elixir that can gently intoxicate you, from the exquisiteness of its aroma and its intense color, even before reaching your palate. There where its unique and incomparable flavor leaves a mark that you will not be able or want to forget.

These wines are synonymous with patience, since the aging time is long, reaching five years. They spend two years in wood barrels that bring their flavors and aromas to the wine. The other three years they age in bottles, which are sheltered and pampered, while their keepers watch over the wineries to ensure that silence reigns and the temperature remains ideal.

The atmosphere in the cellars where the Gran Reserva red wine sleeps has enough humidity to bring the walls to life, spreading mushrooms and flora that offer exotic aromas.

What is better, a Gran Reserva or a Reserva?

The first thing to consider before answering this question is that everything will depend on the person who tasted the wine and what you expect from it. Now, in general, to affirm that one broth is better than another, one must take into account its characteristics, that is, the tasting notes.

The aroma of a Gran Reserva red wine leaves the background of the aged grape to prioritize spices, leather, fruits, yeast, or any other that comes from the long aging process. Those that contribute the barrels, the flowers of the wineries or the vineyard where it was born.

As for the flavor, the first thing that is perceived are the tannins, which go from leaving an astringent sensation to the notes of velvet and silk, which allow a smooth taste but with character. It is more fleshy and each tone of fruits and spices can be perceived separately, and at the same time, in complete harmony.

When to drink a Gran Reserva red wine?

Any occasion is good to drink a good red wine or rosé wine, especially a Gran Reserva. Normally, its pairing is with red meat or game meat.

The dishes that are accompanied with this wine are of high gastronomy, because its long and lasting taste allows to enhance the flavors of these preparations. Thus experience can truly rise to a supreme level.

Summer is usually a good time to taste a Gran Reserva red wine. At this time, the broth takes from the environment the optimum temperature so that its qualities emerge perfectly.

You can choose from the recommended Gran Reserva red wines, ensuring that your experience is truly superior, turning a special evening into an event of height, simply unforgettable.

How to serve a gran reserva red wine?

The first thing you should choose to properly serve a Gran Reserva red wine is the glass. In this case it must be a wide mouth, Burgundy type.

In this way the liquid rests inside, receiving enough oxygen, which enhances its flavor. In addition, its penetrating aroma escapes wide, to delight you and make the experience the most complete.

Like any good red, the Gran Reserva is served at room temperature, with a decanter that helps a good oxygenation, occupying only half of the glass. It is advisable to uncover the bottle at least an hour and a half before serving, so that it acquires the ideal point.

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