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Reserva Red Wines

The Reserva Red Wine offers the best of the vineyard, with carefully selected grapes for its elaboration. Find in our online store the most recommended reserva wines by experts.

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Buying a Reserva Red Wine is pampering yourself only with the best

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All about Red Wine Reserva

Reserva red wines wait for 36 months before they reach your hands. In that time, they perfect their flavor so that when you taste them, you can never forget them.

The Reserva Red Wine that you can not miss

A good Reserva red wine will always stand out from the rest. It is irresistible with a taste that intoxicates and dominates. It is very difficult to resist and not get carried away by the moment. Our experts recommend the following:

Díaz Bayo 20 Months

After waiting 20 months in the French oak barrel and 18 more in the cellar, this Reserve surprises us with an exotic flavor, typical of its terroir.

What are the best-selling Reservas?

Among the Reserve red wines stand out those that connoisseurs look for more often. The ones that with their nuances have enchanted them.

Óscar Tobía Reserva

Tempranillo with aromas of fruits, spices and tobacco. With a taste that offers a complete, definable experience. That catches and remains.

Irekua Reserva Limited Edition

As the name suggests, only a few bottles contain this elixir of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano. Its woody aroma conquers, its experienced flavor catches.

Finca de los Arandinos Reserva

An exemplary wine, with personality and character. Elaborated with work that is perceived in its flavors and aromas that awaken soft and well conjugated sensations. Impossible to refuse another glass of this wonder.

Discover the best wineries making Reserva red wine

The work of a winery is noticeable in the selection of grapes and the cuddly treatment that is given to the fruit. Not only from the harvest, but until it is transformed into wine.

Finca de los Arandinos

Finca de los Arandinos

Winery of La Rioja, the land of the best wines. The flavors of their wines proudly show their origin and love for their home, family and tradition.


Roda Winery

They stand out for their wines with Denomination of Origin La Rioja, synonymous with recognition of the quality wines. A winery that offers the best of the land and the fruits that grow in it.

Bodegas La Horra

Bodegas La Horra

The Tempranillo wines of this winery have become known for their delicacy and elegance, offering exotic aromas and flavors with great personality. With Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero, you could not expect less.

What is a Reserva wine?

A Reserve wine is one that is presented with elegance, after spending a period of three years sheltered in the cellar, hoping to reach that point of perfection that characterizes it. During this time, at least twelve months must have rested in barrels, which makes its flavor and aroma acquire exotic properties, different from those perceived in a cava, for example.

It also differs from the Gran Reserva red wine because the latter further extends its time of stay in the wineries. Up to five years in reserve, of which two are in wooden barrels.

In both cases, a special selection of grapes is used, taking only the best from the vineyard and “reserving” them precisely to prepare wines that can please the most demanding palates. They are classy, elegant, sublime wines.

Which wine is better, Crianza or Reserva wine?

When we talk about wine categories, we can't just say which one is the best. The truth is that this is something that should decide your palate and that is highly linked to the particular tastes of those who taste the wine.

The flavors offered by different types of grapes please some more than others, and this has little to do with the category of wine. In addition, some Crianza wines may have the ability to be liked as much as a good Reserva.

To choose a wine that can please your palate, what you must take into account is the type of grape, the wood of the barrel, which provides particular aromas and flavors and the Designation of Origin. These and other characteristics will tell you about the taste of the broth and tell you if it is what you are looking for to accompany that special occasion.

Which wine is better, Reserva or Gran Reserva?

As with Crianza wines, to decide which of these is better, you would have to taste them, which is a real luck.

Of course, Gran Reserva wines represent a superior quality, a stronger flavor, with more tannins and an aroma that stands out in amplitude. This is due to the aging time in the barrels, which lead the broth to acquire spicy and floral tones, even above the fruity of the aged grape.

Another difference is obviously that the price of the Reserva wine, although higher than the Crianza wine, is still more accessible than the Gran Reserva. This is because their time of ageing in the wineries is intermediate between both classifications.

When to drink a Reserva wine?

A good Reserva red wine is ready to be consumed four years after its harvest. Remember that all wines have their own personalities. In the case of these, the wineries usually offer few units of each harvest, so it is an almost exclusive elixir. Tasting it is a unique opportunity.

That said, if you want a high-end choice, you can opt for one of the recommended Reserva wines, and it’s guaranteed that you will have an experience of height, worthy of a demanding and knowledgeable palate.

How should a Reserva red wine be served?

This type of wine is usually used to accompany red meats, since it accentuates the flavors of these dishes. Of course, they are served at room temperature, and in addition, a decanter must be used to aerate it and allow it to be oxygenated. In this way its properties emerge with greater elegance.

Of course, every wine has a glass style to serve and elevate its properties. In the case of the red wine Reserva a Burgundy is used, which has a wide mouth and a broad body. This allows the liquor to oxygenate better. This glass is served at half capacity.

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