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Young Red Wines

Young red wine offers a modern and different taste. It is also known as wine of the year. Search in our online store for the best of this type of wine and treat yourself to a fresh, original and exclusive experience.

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Buy young red wine to enjoy the properties of virgin grapes

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All about Young Red Wine

Young red wine has not gone through a process of aging. Thanks to this, it offers flavors, aromas and experiences closer to the freshness of the fruit and the vineyard where it grew.

Recommended Young Red wine

The young red wine is ideal to accompany red meats and cheeses. Thanks to this fruity taste with light acid touches that characterize them, it accentuates the flavor of these dishes.

Red Young Wine Bag in Box 5 L

Organic and original presentation that helps maintain the freshness of this Tempranillo and young Grenache. Its taste is definable and its aroma is a delight.

Best-Selling Young Red wines

In our online shop we offer a wide variety of young red wines, but always highlight those that are loved by our regular customers.


A delicious Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano wine with a powerful color and a delicately spicy aroma. Its flavor is fruity, pleasant that stays on the palate in a very pleasant way.

Díaz Bayo 4U

This young Tempranillo waited just three months to wet the lips of the tasters. So it can conquer you with a soft and fresh flavor and a playful aroma, with hints of fruits and flowers.


Its aroma is a mixture of floral fragrances with slight hints of Monastrell. In contrast, its flavor is forceful and with character. Delicious and fresh.

The Best Young Red Wine Cellars

Making a good young red wine reflects dedication, tradition and knowledge. This is how the best qualities are extracted from the grape and offered as a special elixir.

Bodegas Carchelo

Carchelo Winery

A winery that bottles love for its work and family tradition. Its wines offer quality with Designation of Origin Jumilla; wonderful land, recognized for its wines.

Premium Fincas

Premium Fincas Group of Wineries

Each of these wineries is an example of tradition and winemaking passion. Their wines are recognized as some of the best in the world. A real treat for the palate.

Bodegas Bagordi

Bagordi Winery

Its organic wines are more than recognized, made with expert hands, wine lovers. Each bottle carries a bit of the beautiful Andosilla (Navarra), where tradition is born from the heart.

What does it mean if a wine is young?

Young wine is also known as wine of the year. It’s called young wine because it does not go through an aging process or is stored in barrels. Once the fermentation period ends and it is bottled this wine is ready to be sold.

If the wine is aged less than half a year in barrels it is considered to be Semi-Crianza or Roble.

Once on the market, the young wine should be consumed between two and three years to ensure that its qualities are intact.

What are the quality factors of young wines?

For a Spanish Young wine to be considered of excellent quality there are some conditions that must be taken into account. Many of them come from the same harvest, when grapes are selected that can offer an appropriate flavor and an intoxicating aroma.

Good young wines offer very fresh aromas, usually fruity and spicy, with hints of flowers. They have very little tannins, so their taste is smooth and very pleasant to the palate. As for the colors, these are very vivid and translucent.

Of course, the knowledge of the winemakers and the experience of the winegrower are fundamental and that is where it will be determined that the liquor offered is of high level, regardless of its classification.

That is why it can be said, without fear, that a Young Tempranillo Wine has all the qualities to present itself as a broth of excellent quality.

How to know if a wine is Young or Aged?

Of course, the first difference we will find in the color of the wine. A young red tends to violet tones, with some reddish touches that are presented in a fairly translucent density.

On the other hand, the aged wines have a deep, dense color, with terracotta tones. Then, the aroma speaks of the woods that cradled them. The taste is strong and dry thanks to the tannins. You can find a great variety in our section of wine packs where you can buy them.

Young wines are fresh, virginal. With aromas of grass and flowers, a vineyard full of grapes. Its flavor is youthful and modern, very fruity.

How old is a young wine?

A young wine has an age of between one and three years, waiting to be consumed in that period of time. In some very specific cases, it can be extended up to 5 years, but the risk that the characteristic properties of this liquor may be lost must be assumed.

What is the difference between a young and aged wine?

Crianza wine is characterized by a maceration time of two years, of which minimum six months are in barrels. Its flavor presents a higher concentration of tannins than the young ones.

The flavor of the aging wine has more tendency to spices, giving up a little to the fresh fruit, which begins to stay in the background. Very different from the young, that even in the types of vegan wines, such nuances are still appreciated.

How to improve a young red wine?

The best young red wine is one that is consumed with excellent company. But if you want to give a more sophisticated flavor to your drink, the secret is in oxygenation.

While the Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva wines spend time resting in the cellars, they are oxygenated to accentuate certain flavors and aromas, even when they are in their bottles. This does not happen with young people.

That's why to give it a taste similar to a crianza wine, you can decant it and help it go through this process. You will notice how the flavor varies, along with the aroma, thus bringing touches further away from the fruity freshness that characterizes this drink.

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