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Rosé wines are a delight for their flavour, their quality and above all for their characteristic pink tones that they inherit from the red grapes they are made from. Here you can find the best variety of rosé wines from different wineries.

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All about Rosé Wine

Rosé wines are equally delicious as a red or a white one. The more maceration the stronger is the color, purple or purplish type. While with shorter maceration time, the color tends to be more subdued, whiter.

The most recommended rosé wine

The quality of these wines has nothing to do with their color, more or less subdued. They are equally delicious and spectacular to enjoy in spring, for example. One of the best recommendations we can give you is the following.

Carchelo Rosé

Considered the best rosé in Spain in 2021, it is made of a variety of Monastrell. This organic and vegan limited edition rosé has several awards that attest to its quality and excellence.

Discover the most demanded rosé wines

Always following what the experts comment and also guided by the awards given in the wine world, the best-selling and best-catalogued rosé wines we share below:

Quelías Rosé

Made from different varieties, which includes 50% Albillo, 30% Garnacha, 10% Tempranillo and 10% Verdejo, and includes a long list of awards. Its aging process is carried out for 5 months on its lees.

Sitta Rosado

Being a limited edition, this rosé is made from a mixture of grape varieties, including Caiño Tinto, Espadeiro and Pedral.

Berarte Rosé Barrel Fermented

It is a 100% Tempranillo wine that stands out for being fermented and aged in American oak barrels, for a time of about 4 months.

The best wineries producing rosé wine

In order to be able to consider the best wineries that elaborate and produce rosé wines, we must necessarily focus on the recommendations and criticisms of experts, as well as on the rankings that they value, within which we can recommend:

Bodegas Carchelo

Bodegas Carchelo

Forming part of the Denomination of Origin of Jumilla in Murcia, this is where the winery is located. They have an extensive and long history in the field, standing out for the elaboration of natural red wines from Jumilla.


Berarte Winery

With more than three generations working in the world of wine, they focus on the production of organic wines that have Qualified Denomination of Origin Rioja. It is located in the town of Villabuena de Álava in the Rioja Alavesa. They produce high quality rosé, white and red wines.

Bodegas Sinforiano

Bodegas Sinforiano

Operating since 1966, it is a one hundred percent family winery that is located in the town of Mucientes in Valladolid. Their main characteristic is that they have evolved over the years making wine in an innovative way and with great quality. They elaborate wines with Cigales Designation of Origin.

What kind of wine is rosé?

Contrary to what many people may think, rosé wine is usually made from black grapes, just like reds. So why do they have that characteristic lighter color? This is due to the maceration time of the broths, which being less than in the reds, the rosés are wines that will present a softer and less reddish color.

Once the grapes are pressed, after a few hours some of the skin color of the grapes is allowed to seep into the wine, but not excessively. This is how that rather pinkish to orange tone is achieved and the intensity of it depends on the time the wine spends in contact with the skins according to the criteria of the oenologist on duty.

What food is accompanied with rosé wines?

While it is true that wines usually go very well with everything, there are some that accompany one or the other meal better. Everything will depend on the taste of the diner, but in general the meals that are best paired with a glass of rosé wine are:

Combine your salads with rosé wine

This meal stands out for how fresh it is, so the ideal balance will be provided by a good rosé wine. Those with a lower fruit load and a higher level of acidity are the most recommended to accompany salad dishes.

Bathe your fish and seafood with a rosé wine

Although with this option we usually think first of white wines, a good young Tempranillo rosé wine is perfect to accompany white fish. Likewise, oily fish such as tuna, trout, etc. can be well complemented with a pink wine.

A glass of rosé to pair your desserts

Although we might doubt, a rosé wine will always be a hit for desserts. It will depend on each one, they can be stronger to balance with the sweetness, or a more fruity one, any option is good.

Accompany your cheese board with a rosé

They can also be well accompanied by a pink one. Although in this case we usually opt for red wines, rosé admits very well to soft cheeses.

What is the taste of rosé wine?

The taste of a rosé wine can be diverse, but experts agree that they are versions of a red wine, but more subtle. They are usually accompanied by citrus flavors and fruity touches such as watermelon, cherry, strawberry and raspberry.

They can be found from very fruity versions to dry rosé wines, including sparkling rosé wine, there are undoubtedly many options depending on tastes.

What is the best rosé wine?

It will depend on a wide variety of factors, including tastes, price, characteristics, etc. A good rosé sparkling wine can be considered the best rosé wine, but to get out of doubt we share some of the most special and unique rosés that you can find in the ChinChin Wine Trading online store:

  • La Pequeñita Rosado: with an aging of 5 months in a neutral barrel and 6 more months in bottle, it is a variety of 75% Maturana Blanca and 25% Maturana tinta.
  • +Mejor Rosé: spectacular drink that arises from a mixture of Tempranillo and Garnacha.
  • Can-Vi Rosado: delicious and subtle wine aged for 6 months in clay amphorae. It is a natural wine that arises from a mixture of the Macabeo and Parellada varieties.
  • Tallareta: it is an organic rosé wine suitable for vegans.

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