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Do you want to buy wines on sale? Here you will find a selection of the wine offers that we currently have.

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Comprar CoolerPot de Pulltex
SAVE 2.55€
SAVE 2.55€
SAVE 15.13€
SAVE 10.54€
SAVE 20.48€
SAVE 6.56€
Comprar Vino Submarino Antonia Mendivil
SAVE 11€
Sea Legend No 5 Mono
SAVE 26€
Grand Mare
Magna Mare
SAVE 10€
SAVE 10€
Attis Sousón
SAVE 4.65€
Mar E Terra Dupla
SAVE 11.46€
Attis Mar 3 botellas
SAVE 14€
Attis Mar 3 botellas
SAVE 49.6€
SAVE 5.55€
SAVE 6.23€
SAVE 3.23€
SAVE 2.45€
SAVE 3.58€
SAVE 14.35€
SAVE 30€
SAVE 6.6€
SAVE 14.5€
SAVE 11€
SAVE 15€
SAVE 1.49€
SAVE 5.95€
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The best offers to buy wine

Take your time to select the product you want by browsing our catalog of offers where you can find underwater wines, organic wines, limited edition wines, signature wines, vegan wines, gourmet packs, wine accessories and much more.

Among these offers, we recommend a special one that will immerse you in the depths of the sea so that you can taste a unique wine.

Premium Wooden Box 3 bottles Attis Mar

This set includes 3 units of a wine that has been aged underwater for 6 months, after having spent another 6 months in deposit and oak fudre. It has an intense straw yellow color. It is a fresh and fine wine, with well-integrated acidity, quite persistent.

Best-selling offers

Tasting wine is a time for enjoyment, and if you also do it accompanied by friends or family, even better. For that reason, you have to take advantage of the prices of the best offers in our online store to surprise your guests.

ChinChin Oiasso Rioja Varietals

Pack of three organic wines with Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin from Bodegas Bagordi. Among its brands, Oiasso is the one represented in this collection with a wine of each red grape variety: Tempranillo, Garnacha or Grenache and Graciano.

Riojas´ Duel: Amphora VS Barrel

Two red wines with Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin from Arizcuren of the Garnacha and Mazuelo varieties both, each with two units, one with an aging in an earthenware jar and the other in barrel.

ChinChin Organic Rioja Crianza + Reserva

Selection of six red wines of the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin made with different grape varieties.

The best offers from recommended wineries

To enjoy wine as it should and take advantage of the most interesting offers, we recommend you to take into account the following wineries.

Attis Bodegas y Viñedos

Attis Winery & Vineyards

The basis of their work is to continue with the tradition and make artisanal wines influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, since it is located in the Galician Rías Baixas. Among their wines, they make white, red and even orange wines. They have also specialized in underwater wines, when aging takes place under the sea.

Bodegas Bagordi

Bagordi Winery

The Carcar family is the one behind this winery, who since 1723 have dedicated their effort to the elaboration of wine. Located in the Navarre town of Andosilla, they make wine under the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin. The care and respect for the earth are fundamental values to make their organic wines.

Arizcuren Vinos

Arizcuren Winery and Vineyards

The work in this winery is carried out in an artisanal way and was born with the intention of preserving the wine tradition of Rioja Baja. They use only organic fertilizer betting on an organic crop.

The best offers to buy wine online

Browse our catalog to select the offer that you like the most among those we currently have. You will find different types of wine from various designations of origin and wineries from different areas of Spain.

Within our different offers you can choose single bottles, special collections and selections of various wines that will make your experience complete in every way.

What types of offers will you be able to find?

In this section we have from wine packs or wine sets to selections with several wines that have been carefully chosen to create a unique and enriching experience for beginners and experts in the wine sector.

Here you will find red wine, white wine, rosé wine, orange wine so that you can find the most suitable for what you are needing according to the type of meeting or celebration you want to carry out.

What types of wine are on offer?

The variety of wines that there are to discover and take advantage of in our offers is wide so that you can choose the ideal one according to what you are looking for. For a celebration, for example, you can find several options for sparkling wines such as cavas. For the most select palates we have underwater wines, champagne, and also limited edition wines.

If what you are looking for are wines made with processes that respect the earth and the environment, you can choose from the wide variety of organic wines that we offer. Also here you will find vegan wines, thinking about all types of consumers.

What categories do you like?
What kind of wine are you looking for?
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