Tobia Cuvée White


CUVÉE comes from the mixture of different wines and different vintages Variedad: Tempranillo Blanco, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viura, Maturana Blanca and Garnacha Blanca. Vintages 2018 & 2019
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Product Information

As indicated by the meaning of the word CUVÉE comes from the mixture of different wines and different vintages, widely used in the French Champagne region. In our case, we have selected two vintages, a majority, that would be the recent 2019, of high quality for its low yield in the vineyard and mixed in a percentage ranging from 25-35% with another vintage that would be the 2018.

The vineyards selected for this new wine TOBIA CUVÉE are vineyards of high quality, where maximum yields of grapes do not reach 7,000 kg / ha. They are exceptional farms, with ages between 15 and 60 years spread over different municipalities such as Cervera de río Alhama, Alfaro, Autol and Ausejo (Rioja Oriental), Laserna (Rioja Alavesa) and Hormilla, Najera and Azofra (Rioja Alta). Most of these selected vineyards are located at high altitudes, ranging from 550 m to 800 m. above sea level, which will bring a great natural freshness to the wines.

The varieties that make up these wines of the 2019 and 2018 vintage would be Tempranillo Blanco, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viura, Maturana Blanca and Garnacha Blanca.


All wines follow a traditional destemming process where the grapes are mulched before fermentation with a cold film maceration (12 ° C) for 24 hours. This first stage is carried out in our “intelligent deposits” of the different vineyards separately, and to favor the extraction of Varietal aromas. Then, we select only the musts “tear” of the tank, which are the highest quality, discarding the press musts and perform alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at cold temperature between 13-15th and for at least 15 days. Then, we keep the wines with a small aging with their own Lees for 3 months.

One of the wines used in our white CUVÉE, in its vinification, alcoholic fermentation was carried out in New barrels of fine American oak with aging in the same barrels and with their lees for 3 months more. We use wood with light medium toasted and perform the technique of “battonage” or removed from the Lees of the wine every day.

Tasting Notes

View: clean appearance, very bright, has a straw yellow color with green irises.

Nose: has an intense, fine and complex aroma. We can find a symphony of fruity aromas such as pear, citrus (mandarin), pineapple, banana and passion fruit. Also floral notes such as orange and mint, perfectly combined with notes of more mature fruit, honey, toffee and spices such as cinnamon and vanilla that gives it an extra complexity.

Mouth: the wine shows at first sweet, velvety, followed by a great acidity very integrative and refreshing with Good length and without edges. A wine very well balanced, round, tasty. With a very pleasant aftertaste of fruity notes and a persistent finish.


* Alcoholic strength: 13.4% Vol.
* Total acidity: 6.1 g / l in tartaric
* pH = 3.30
* Reducing sugars: 1.0 g / l
* Total sulphurous: 90 mg / l

Consumption temperature: 10-12ºC.

Tobia Cuvée Blanco Tobia Cuvée White

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