All underwater wines are dry, they differ by grape varieties, aging time in barrels and time of underwater ageing. Each wine is a different discovery and experience for our palate. Underwater aging makes wines rounder, meaning that there is a balance and harmony between the sweet, salty, acidic and bitter flavors without highlighting any of them over the others, which makes wines more pleasant to the taste.


What are underwater wines? Why do you age wines under the sea?

Is it pure marketing? A nice romantic story you sell?

Many years of research have shown that ocean changes wine, making it denser in body, brighter in color and softer in taste. Marine conditions are perfect: minimal temperature changes, pressure in 3-4 atmospheres (almost like inside the bottles), bottles are in constant motion due to underwater currents, there is neither noise nor light.

One month of underwater ageing equals to three months of conventional ageing in wine cellar. Ageing under the sea ensures that the wine reaches its optimum point of consumption earlier and also that it has long-lasting life.

Not all wines are suitable for ageing under the sea, they have to be wines of great oenological quality, because if the wine is unstable on earth in the sea it’ll be ruined.

It´s important to keep in mind that cork and sealing used in underwater aging are special as well, patented invention that allows the wine to “breathe” under the water, which means that the wine continues to evolve. 

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