Variedad: 95% Mazuela 5% Tempranillo Ageing: carbonic maceration (with whole clusters) & aged during 8 months in French oak Without any chemical inputs at any time during fermentation. Without any yeast, acidifiers, or sulfites. Wine is never filtered, clarified, or stabilized.

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95% Mazuela 5% Tempranillo


Vineyard “Las Balsas”. Grapes from a 30-year-old terraced vineyard. North-facing slopes (few solar exposure).


Recogida manual y selección de la uva en la propia viña.


Carbonic Maceration (with whole clusters) and aged during 8 months in French Oak cask. Organic agriculture guided by biodynamic principles. Naturally Occuring Sulfites. Without any chemical inputs at any time during fermentation. Without any yeast, acidifiers, or sulfites. Wine is never filtered, clarified, or stabilized.

Limited edition

1.000 bottles

Handmade work on a human scale

Hontza – is a family-run artisanal winery, the first and only winemakers in Labraza, a medieval village in the eastern corner of Rioja Alavesa (Basque Country). Nestled at 650 metres above sea level, we are the heirs to a unique microclimate and uncommon biodiversity that combine to create wines unlike any other.

Living Wines from Ancient Vines

Viñedos Hontza is a family project born out of a deep desire to close the circle between the vineyard and the glass, with wines that fully express the richness of the terroir from which they come.

The work begins in the vineyard, where professionals are guided by Biodynamic principles to take meticulous care of the earth and vines from which our wines grow. When it comes time to harvest, grapes are selected in the field, handling and transporting the grapes in small batches so as to preserve the unique subtleties in flavour at every step in the process. These wines are crafted according to the same basic principal, which can be summed up quite simply: minimal interference. The winemakers see themselves as stewards of a natural process, guides who help the wine to express itself, intervening only when necessary.

“We make wine naturally.”

No chemical product is added at any stage of the winemaking process. The ferment is produced naturally, with the wild yeasts present in the vineyards. No acidifiers, no clarifiers, no stabilizers, and no sulfites are ever added. More than that, the wine is not filtered, guaranteeing you an authentic experience of the grapes’ true nature.

Respect for Nature and Human being

Wine is produced on an artisanal scale. The philosophy is rooted deeply in the respect for the land. The winery is committed to maintaining a sustainable enterprise that gives back to the ecological and cultural richness of their surroundings. In the face of the ever-present threat of intensive farming practices, Hontza winemakers stand firmly in their commitment to their land, living and working so as to help it express its delicate and nuanced terroir.

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