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Talking about vegan wines is a topic, possibly, unusual, but it is that wine designed especially for people who follow a vegan diet. If you want to get the best options of this product, in our online store you have an attractive range of possibilities.

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Vegan wine to complement your diet

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Información sobre Vino Vegano
All about Vegan

Vegan wines stand out for being made in a “natural way” especially in their filtering process. This is because most wines in their clarification process use animal elements such as egg white, fish cartilage gelatin or milk protein.

Recommended Vegan wine

Although you might think it is something very new and there are not many options to choose from, the truth is that it is not so. There is a wide variety of options of the best vegan wines, among which we can recommend the following:

ChinChin Vegan Red Wines

With a wide variety of awards to its credit, it is a spectacular variety of vegan wines with Designation of Origin Jumilla, Navarra and Rioja. Aged at different times in French, American and Eastern European oak barrels.

Best-selling vegan wines

Considering the recommendations at a general level and the volume of awards, the vegan wines that are most sold in the market and most recommended for their exquisite flavor are:

Carchelo Roble

Spectacular wine with Designation of Origin Jumilla with a great variety, among which Monastrell, Tempranillo, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon stand out. It is a wine aged for 4 months in French oak barrels.

Bardos Romántica

Delicious and fine wine with many awards to its credit, belonging to the Ribera del Duero. It is aged for 14 months in French and Eastern European oak barrels.

El Pacto

Excellent Tempranillo wine that has a wide number of awards and recognitions for its quality. It is aged for 14 months in French, Eastern European and American oak barrels.

The best vegan wineries

The value of vegan wines is increasingly highlighted, even obtaining excellent recognitions and awards thanks to their quality. Prepared for those who have a high commitment to the environment, we can recommend the following:

Aroa Bodegas

Aroa Winery

Winery located in the Yerri Valley, in Navarra, stands out for working with organic and natural wines. It has the Navarra Designation of Origin and is characterized by using sustainable and traditional methods in the production of wine.

Alonso & Pedrajo

Alonso & Pedrajo

Located in Villalba de Rioja, it is the product of the union of two wine-growing families in the area in 2011. They have the Rioja Designation of Origin and stand out for creating wines of excellent quality, including vegan wines.

Alta Alella Mirgin

Alta Alella Mirgin

Family winery located in the Serralada de Marina Natural Park, in Barcelona. Its specialization is organic wines, leading it to be the most recognized company in the country in this field.

What is a vegan wine?

Vegan wines are a type of wine that arises to meet the demand of a lifestyle that rejects the use of goods and services of animal origin, based on ethical principles of respect for animals, environmental principles and health.

But one wonders, if wine is produced from grapes, if the field is mostly mechanized, if aging is done in wooden vats, in amphorae, in bottles, then where are animal products added to wine? Or what animal products are used in winemaking?

The answer lies in the wine clarification process, which is carried out before bottling to remove the natural substances from the wine that are in suspension and give it a cloudy color, something that is usually not pleasant to the eye.

With this clarification, the wines are clean and bright.

The issue is that the products used for this clarification are traditionally made of animal origin (egg whites, gelatin, bone, etc) and some wineries, to meet the needs of the vegan market, have begun to use plant protein from the potato, peas, among others, for this clarification, or even some wines aren’t clarified with any type of product (in this case, the wine will not have a presence clean and bright as the clarified).

Today, most vegan wines come from organic vineyards certified according to the principle of respect for the environment.

For this reason people who have a vegan lifestyle, do not drink a traditional wine. Although in general, no wine label mentions these ingredients, because they are removed, the truth is that they are used.

Therefore, as an alternative, vegan wines were born

Characteristics of vegan wines

They stand out not only because the process is done naturally, but also because most of these wines come from organic vineyards that bet on the care of the environment.

Another characteristic that stands out in these wines is that there is really no exact regulation of how much sulfite they should contain. The only thing that is expected is that the label will mention that it has it, if the concentration is more than 10 mg/l.

However, most vegan wineries prefer not to add more sulfites so as not to lose qualities. They arose from the increasingly real and palpable need to take care of the environment, thinking about the future and being less aggressive with the earth.

What is the difference between vegan and organic wine?

On many occasions we could believe that an organic wine is necessarily vegan and the truth is that it is not so.

As with organic wines, the taste and demand for vegans is also increasing. For example, in Spain vegan white wine is usually a favorite in the market for its flavor and quality.

The main difference between the two is that organic wines may contain animal elements, while vegans may not. The easiest way to identify them is with the green and yellow or black and white label that endorses them as vegan.

However, underwater wine does not fall into any of these divisions, as its aging process is made under the sea, to give it more body.

What wines are vegan?

These wines emerged to meet the demand of this lifestyle that is committed to animal respect and environmental principles. You can easily locate them. Just be sure to check the label that identifies them as vegan.

Some of the wineries that have this type of wine, for example are Bodegas Carchelo or Bodega Martí Serdà.

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