White and rosé wines are usually associated with something fresh, light and acidic, a common denominator in most of them, easy to drink and ideal as appetizers and great with fish, rice, some types of cheese etc.

But for the last years many wineries in their continuous development and in search of wines with balance, modern, elegant and daring that surprise our senses and make us fall in love with them, have begun to make white and rosé wines combining different varieties of grapes and making processes with different fermentations and aging, which is leading us to have white and rosé wines with different shades, aromas and tastes.

That’s why apart from fresh and fruity young wines, we offer sparkling wines, aged in barrel that makes wines more structured, with more body, complex, less acidic and more silky.

We offer wide range of wines to be able to enjoy according to the time of day, according to our mood and according to the taste of each person.

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