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Gran Reserva White Wines

Gran Reserva White Wine stands out for its high level of complexity and the depth it possesses. Its aromas are totally superior due to the resting time, which must be at least 2 years. The best thing is that you can get the most qualified ones in our online store.

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All about White Wine Gran Reserva

Always determining which wine is better is complex, since everything will depend on the very own tastes of each person. That implies that at some point it may happen that you like a crianza wine more than a Gran Reserva white wine, but it will depend on the process they follow for its elaboration and the grapes they use.

The denomination Gran Reserva in white wines refers to its exceptional quality, given by a fairly long production process. Its complexity and depth in aromas is unmistakably superior to other wines.

What is Gran Reserva white wine?

Their main differentiating element is the maturation time they go through. Although for red wines the total rest duration is approximately 60 months, in the case of white wines they will be considered Gran Reserva when they have at least 48 months of aging.

Of those 48 months, at least the first 6 are in wooden barrels. It should be noted that as we have mentioned before, there are also red wines with this classification, as well as rosés. When we talk about a Gran Reserva red wine, of the 5 years that must remain at rest, at least 18 will do it in barrel.

Particular characteristic of a White Gran Reserva

As they are wines that last a long time in their aging process, their main particularity is the taste. They are much more structured wines, with more body and also have a good volume in the mouth. They are very complex wines.

Difference between a Reserva white wine and a Gran Reserva

Although both are very good and have a higher value than the wines with less aging, their main difference is the aging time.

  • In the case of white wines with reserve, these have a aging process of at least 24 months in the cellar before going on the market, of which 6 months must be in barrels.
  • On the other hand, as we have already said, gran reserva wines made with white grapes have a longer process in their elaboration. These need at least about 48 months in the cellar, and at least 6 of them must be in barrel before going on the market.

A Great Reserve, its colors and aromas

Due to the long time during which they are stored, the colors that become present in Gran Reserva white wine are yellow, golden with green undertones.

As for their aroma, they are usually accompanied by hints reminiscent of fresh almonds and white stone fruits, as is the case with Ostatu Blanco Gran Reserva wine. The sweet aromas of ripe fruit are common in this type of wine, a quality that we can find in the Classica Gran Reserva Blanco.

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