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When you want to choose an exquisite white wine, either to accompany your meals or share a special moment with friends, visit our online store where you will see a formidable variety. We assure you that any of the types of white wines that we offer you will please you.

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What kind of wine are you looking for?
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All about White Wine

Are you looking for freshness? A white wine is what you need! Whether it is dry white wine, sweet, syrupy, aromatic white wine, etc., any of them will catch you by their flavors, nuances and aromas. To find the broth you are looking for, we leave you this exclusive selection from ChinChin Wine Trading.

Which White Wine is the most recommended by experts?

We recommend you to select this wine that comes from high quality vineyards, with ages between 15 and 60 years.

Tobia Cuvée White

This wine comes from the mixture of different grapes such as Tempranillo Blanco, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viura, Maturana Blanca and Garnacha Blanca. It is a broth of different vintages as well that has an aging period of 3 months in American oak barrels.

The Best-Selling White Wines

The three wines that we present below stand out for their creaminess and unctuousness. In addition, their pairing is extensive, that is why they are the white wines of favorite brands of the good table.

Paco García Tempranillo Blanco

This wine has been aged with half of the production in a stainless steel tank and the other in French oak barrels. This technique gives the wine more volume, unctuousness and citrus and floral varietal character.

Ijalba Blanco Crianza

This broth has an unusual maceration and cold pressing for 6 hours. Its fermentation has been carried out 100% in concrete, and it has an aging of 8 months in the French allier barrel on its fine lees.

Santalba Abando White Barrel Fermented

Santalba Abando Barrel Fermented white wine has a specific and unusual elaboration in which the fermentation takes place inside the barrel. This gives it good acidity and great structure.

The best White Wine cellars

The best wineries, in general, are born from family initiatives that love what they do. There is nothing better than people who are committed to making high quality products, such as these three wineries that we mention below:

Attis Bodegas y Viñedos

Attis Winery and Vineyards

The influence of the Atlantic Ocean gives this winery unique properties. Here they are experts in the production of Atlantic wines, such as their Attis Mar underwater wine collection.

Alonso & Pedrajo

Alonso & Pedrajo Winery

It arises from the union of two viticultural families and is located in Villalba de Rioja. It produces quality wines that have the Rioja Ca Designation of Origin.

Hermanos Hernáiz

Bodega Hermanos Hernáiz

It is a family project that began in 1996. It is located in the municipality of Baños de Rioja, in this winery quality wines are made and faithful to the terroir.

White wines for any occasion

For some years now, the wineries in their continuous development and in the search for wines with balance, elegant, modern and daring that surprise our senses and make us fall in love, have begun to make white and rosé wines combining different varieties of grapes and making production processes with different fermentations and crianzas, which is giving rise to white and rosé wines with different shades, aromas and tastes.

That is why apart from fresh and fruity young wines, we offer semi-sparkling wines, with barrel aging that makes the wines more structured, more full-bodied, complex, less acidic and silkier.

We search for wines to be able to enjoy according to the time of day, according to our mood and according to the taste of each one,.

What types of white wines are there?

There are different types of white wines, depending on their origin, the variety of the grape, its fermentation method, its color, etc. This is the most common classification of white wines:

According to the sugar content

Depending on the sugar level g/L, you can differentiate between sweet, semi-sweet, dry or semi-dry white wines.

According to the balance between acidity and unctuousness

Within this classification of white wines we can differentiate between unctuous wines or full-bodied wines:

  • Unctuous or round wines: the fat is well perceived in the mouth and the wine has an interesting aromatic persistence and fruity aromas.
  • Full-bodied wines: the aromas are more complex, including the oak barrel aromas typical of wines aged in the cellar.

According to the fermentation

White wine is the result of alcoholic fermentation of white grape varieties. Among them are mentioned:

  • White Muscat - this variety is characterized by its fruity aroma.
  • White Maturana: with a pronounced and diversified aromatic note.
  • Chardonnay: reference variety for dry white wines. It has a huge variety of aromas.
  • Sauvignon: gives off aromas of herbs, green fruit, mint, etc.
  • Tempranillo Blanco: wines characterized by great flavor, balance of acidity and roundness.

What benefits can white wine have for health?

  • It is rich in antioxidants, this together with a good diet and exercise, helps to increase the level of 'good' cholesterol in the blood, can contribute to keeping the skin and cells young or can strengthen our immune system.
  • For people who are on a diet or want to keep fit, white wines would not be a bad option thanks to their low calories.
  • It helps to improve rest, since by having a glass of wine at night, it can be favored in the disappearance of sleep interruption.

It should be mentioned that these benefits can be noticed as long as a moderate consumption of these broths is made.

How is white wine made?

White wine is obtained by vinifying the pressed juice of white or red skinned grapes. Thus, white wine is processed in such a way that the final product retains a transparent yellow color.

  1. The first thing is the grape harvest.
  2. Treatments before fermentation: break the grape to release the juice and pulp, while in the destemming the grape scrapes are separated.
  3. Pressing and settling: the juice is released from its lees by sedimentation in the vat before fermentation.
  4. Hot bottling and aging: the grape sugar is transformed into alcohol by the action of yeasts, heat and carbon dioxide through alcoholic fermentation.
  5. Then comes the second fermentation, the malolactic fermentation: during this, the aromas of the grape variety are attenuated in favor of an increase in the roundness and volume of the wine in the mouth that becomes more stable.

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What kind of wine are you looking for?
What kind of wine are you looking for?
What brands are you interested in?
What brands are you interested in?
Denomination of Origin
Denomination of Origin
Grape Varieties
Grape Varieties