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Young White Wines

A young white wine is the perfect companion for light meals and evenings with friends. In our store you will find a good selection of these elixirs. Choose from the most recommended and enjoy a joyful and special experience.

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Buying a young white wine is a fresh experience

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All about Young White Wine

The young white wine is one that does not go through an aging process neither in barrel, nor in bottle and is presented the same year of the harvest of its grape.

Recommended young white wine

The young wine has a fruity aroma and a virgin flavor, thanks to the fact that it does not go through an aging process. It offers the most natural benefits of the grape and we have a special recommendation.

El Pedal Viura

A wine characterized by its light golden color and an aroma of ripe grapes and fresh flowers. Its taste is delicate, which remains on the palate and invites more.

Best-selling young white wines

A good young white wine should be consumed during the first two years from its elaboration, which can be only a few months after the harvest. These are the best sellers.

Chan de Rosas Clásico

After spending three months in a stainless steel tank, this wine is ready to offer a delicate and sweet aroma, with light citrus touches. For its part, the taste leaves a taste on the palate that stays with you.

Genio y Figura

With an aging of just 4 months, it arrives to show off its golden and green color. Its intoxicating aroma transports you to the vineyard, while its flavor conquers you with fresh touches that settle on the palate.

Ad Libitum Tempranillo Blanco

This organic Tempranillo wine is made from a grape that is unique from La Rioja. It accompanies its aromas with fruits such as apple and pineapple, while its flavor has a unique character, which completely covers the palate.

The best young white wine cellars

Young wines are made with dedication and affection. Not because they have little or no parenting time should they be considered of a lower category, on the contrary. These broths turn out to be a real delight.

Bodegas Juan Carlos Sancha

Bodegas Juan Carlos Sancha

A winery with a family tradition that brings us its best wines, all with Denomination of Origin La Rioja which is a true seal of quality.

Premium Fincas

Grupo de bodegas Premium Fincas

Wines with the excellence that gives the experience that passes from one generation to another for more than 100 years. Flavors and aromas that reflect maximum quality in each glass.

Attis Bodegas y Viñedos

Attis Bodega y Viñedos

They are experts in making wines with an Atlantic climate and with the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin. Their wines have unique characteristics influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

What is young white wine?

Young white wine, as well as young red wine, is one that is offered without having gone through the aging process. That is, it is not kept in barrel and bottle for months in the cellar. On the contrary, these are made thinking that they will be bottled for consumption the same year of the harvest.

Its availability in wineries and markets is usually wider than that of other wines, since a young tempranillo wine, for example, can be available barely a month after harvest, when the fermentation process ends.

In addition, they are made with the intention of being consumed maximum two years after being bottled, to ensure that they offer the freshness and youthful air that characterizes them.

What are the characteristics of a young white wine?

They are wines with very fresh aromas, which evoke the typical smells of the vineyard, with fruity and floral touches. For its part, its flavors are forceful, with character, which tend to remain on the palate. You can buy it inside a wine pack that we also offer in our store.

Young fruity white wine is considered the ideal companion for dishes prepared from seafood, as well as fish, poultry and other white meat. This is because its slightly acidic touches prepare the taste to enhance the own flavor of these culinary varieties.

Unlike crianza white wine, its color is more translucent and soft, very bright. Like a faint golden, which frequently keeps some slightly dancing greenish tendencies.

How is young white wine made?

Although the most recognized characteristic of this elixir is in the absence of aging, it is not the only thing we find in the elaboration of a good dry white wine. It all really starts with the selection of the grape.

Tannins and anthocyanins are substances found both in the seeds and in the skin and skin of the grape. It is also common to find them in the barrels where the aging of the aged wines is carried out. These are responsible for the astringent taste of the broths that have gone through aging processes. The older a wine is, the longer it has been stored.

Now, to choose young white wine grapes, light varieties are taken, which also come from a tender plant or grown so that the fruits have few tannins and anthocyanins.

On the other hand, its fermentation occurs at a lower temperature, with more sugar than alcohol. In the end, a delicious semi-sweet white wine is obtained, with a determining taste, very fruity and with floral touches in its aroma. A delicate and virginal elixir.

What grape varieties do we use to make young white wine

As we have already mentioned, to select the grapes that will give life to the exquisite young white wines, what is taken into account more than anything is that they contain a minimum amount of tannins and anthocyanins.

Now, as for the type of grape, the same ones are used as in the case of aged white wine. Among the fruits used for the preparation of these broths, the following stand out:

  • Chardonay is one of the best known worldwide.
  • Sauvignon Blanc, is mostly used to produce a dry wine.
  • Albariño, the wines of this grape are characterized by their freshness, typical of the cold climate where it grows.
  • Riesling, these wines are recognized for their exquisite and hypnotic aromas.
  • Gewürztraminer, the wine from this grape is highly recommended for the food of strong spices, for its slightly spicy taste.
  • Verdejo, is a strong aromatic wine, slightly bitter. It is exotic and delicious.

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