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Being a wine lover makes you special. It is a culture that is gaining more and more followers and if you are one of those who enjoys a good glass, then getting a unique and authentic detail that identifies you is easy in our online store with these wine jewels.

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All about Jewelry

The wine jewels are specially designed for those who savor each glass as if it were the last. Feeling identified even with the smallest detail is an element that many love. A detail full of personality and style.

Recommended wine jewels

Considered an element of the highest finesse and delicacy, the jewels that identify you as a true passionate about wine, are the highest representation of elegance. Within the most recognized and distinguished accessory we can recommend:

Yellow Gold Wine Glass Pendant Necklace 18K 750 Mls.

Perfect to bring much more delicacy to a gift and give it a superior and special touch; it is a unique and spectacular pendant. Crafted in 18k gold beautiful wine glass with solid Singapore chain.

Best-selling wine jewelry

Following recommendations and the valuable recognitions of experts in the field, we can highlight the following elements as unique and special:

Winelover Sterling Silver 925 Chain Bracelet

Available on request, exclusive and spectacular bracelet with charms or pendants that represent the love for wine. A wine glass, a grape, a bottle and a corkscrew are present. Crafted in silver and handmade, it is a real special gift.

Wine Glass Set: Necklace & Earrings with Gold Bath

Beautiful and delicate gold-plated gift that includes a chain with a wine glass pendant or charm and matching glass earrings. A special and unique gift.

Wine Glass Set: Necklace & Earrings

Spectacular set of chain and earrings made of silver, with a wine glass pendant and inlaid with purple zircon stones. A great gift for wine lovers.

A jewel of wine

With the growth of interest in the wine world, more and more people identify with wine as a favorite drink or liquor. That is why in recent years the articles that are related to the world of wine and grapes have grown, and that are perfect to give to those who love wine.

They are incredible accessories, loaded with a lot of personality and elegance, just like red wine. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and many more elements, which highlight that taste for this drink and how special it is.

Inspiration in wine

If you are one of those who loves wine and at the same time loves jewelry, then these designer trends are perfect for you. There are new jewels that are made under the inspiration of grapes and wine.

It is the perfect representation of the elegance and delicacy that arise to represent a fruity and young collection, which is of great quality and handcrafted.

Alluding to the white and red grapes, they represent the character of each one. Jewelry created in gold and silver, always inspired by the color of the wine and the vineyards that give life to this delicious delicacy.

They are pieces loaded with delicacy, softness and lightness, accompanied by touches that identify the grape. Loaded with balance, personality, elegance and many cheerful nuances, they are perfect for a gift.

Whether with a wine necklace or with a wine legend bracelet, if you want to surprise a lover of this fruit, this is the best way.

Wine legend

Standing out for being a really attractive bracelet, it is one of the most emblematic and nationally recognized symbols. Worn even by Queen Sofia and other public figures, it is a delicate piece made with Swarovski and silver.

It is a piece that explains in a told way each of the steps that are followed in the creation of wine. When it is sold, it is acquired with a card that explains the meaning of each piece.

In it you can read: "Once upon a time there was a sun in love with a land where grapes were grown, but some men came, snatched them away, stepped on them and locked them first in tanks and then in barrels...”

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