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Signature Wines

Signature wines are those that have been created under the demanding supervision of an oenologist during all the winemaking processes, maintaining their quality and resulting in wines with a unique personality, which you can find in this section.

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All about Signature Wine

La Rioja Signature wines are backed by a Qualified Designation of Origin. Its flavor is modern and concentrated, with unique notes, spicy and floral aromas that make them even more exotic.

Signature wine from La Rioja, the most recommended one

This type of wine is the personal signature of the winemaker, as if it were a work of art.

Paco García Seis

A Tempranillo aged in French oak barrels for 6 months. When it reaches your palate, it offers its fresh and marked flavor; and at the same time delicate and elegant. Its aroma collects various fruits such as raspberries and blackberries, with touches of violets. Very delicious.

Best-selling signature wines

When you get a signature wine, you get an exclusive product. That is why the moments they offer are also unique. These are the three best sellers in our store.

Pago García Garnacha

A delicacy aged for 10 months in French and American oak. Obtained from a ripe grape that offers a sexy and youthful flavor. It has a spicy and playful smell that stays with you to accompany you to celebrate life.

Riojas´ Duel: Mazuelo Amphora VS Mazuelo Barrel

It establishes a delicious comparison between a wine aged in French oak for 6 months and one in amphora for 5 months. The first offers a classic and unforgettable taste, the second reflects the purity of its origin. Both are a gift to the palate.

Riojas´ Duel: Amphora Grenache VS Barrel Grenache

Two Garnachas confronted in a unique duel of flavors and aromas, where the tradition of barrel aging faces the nakedness of the amphora. You can hardly miss both.

The best wineries that make signature wines

To achieve a unique wine you need to be knowledgeable, creative and a little risky. These are the 3 best signature wineries in Rioja, highlighted by their exclusive and charming flavors.

Premium Fincas

Premium Fincas

With the support of the knowledge of a century of tradition and a privileged location, together with the great imagination of winemakers, this winery achieves the creation of signature wines of a simply superior quality.

Tentenublo Wines

Tentenublo Wines

From the hand of Roberto Oliván this brand of wines of Denomination of Origin Rioja was born. The elixirs they offer come from areas of the Rioja Alavesa and in their bottles they give us the magic of the flavors of that region.

MacRobert & Canals

MacRobert & Canals

This winery is different from the rest for the familiar touch that they put in their wines, creating flavors that reflect the wonders of La Rioja. Each bottle is a piece of this land that reaches your hands to delight your palate, with an exclusive and wonderful taste.

What are signature wines?

When we talk about signature wines we mean something closer to a work of art. It is a process in which winemakers feel free to create a completely different wine, with a very personal touch.

These wines are usually limited edition wines with flavors and aromas that differ them from the rest of the harvest.

How do signature wines differ?

To begin with, to create signature wines you’re allowed to break some rules. While it is true that they respect the traditions that are the basis in the winemaking, the concept of these focuses on being a little more risky. Hence they skip part of the rules established by the Regulatory Council.

The result can be an organic wine that in addition to celebrating originality and imagination, carries the seal and personality of the winemaker who has raised it.

That is why it is said that signature wines are more emotional and sentimental, because they reflect the philosophy of the wine maker and the winery.

What are the rules for signature wines?

In general, we can say that these rules are as follows:

  • Traceability: it is essential that the author carries a detailed description of creativity and aging of the wine he has presented.
  • Quality: all wine must be tasted by professional winemakers, to confirm that they maintain the expected standards.
  • The quantity: since we are talking about unique creations, the quantities must be between 2,000 and 25,000 units, not more, not less.

Types of signature wines

For example, Rioja signature wines have green label that places them within the categorization of Qualified Designation of Origin. Therefore, part of their name refers to the region where they have been raised.

Rioja signature wines

Rioja red wines are well known by their character and an elaborate flavor, light and modern. In the case of signature wines, the original touch is put by that unique passion and the desire to take a taste to the palate that tells you more about this magic terroir.

Ribera del Duero signature wines

Ribera del Duero wines stand out for being made with the best grapes, in perfect combinations to make wines of intense red and purple colors. Its flavors are powerful and leave everyone delighted.

Galicia signature wines

They are wines that make it clear that there has been passion and dedication at the time of its elaboration and aging, also designed to accompany the gastronomy of this region, which is one of the most appreciated in the world.

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