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Natural wine is born from the spontaneous fermentation of the fruit and the care of expert hands. In our online store you can find a selection of the best wines for your palate to celebrate the delights that come from our Mother Earth.

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Información sobre Vino Natural
All about Natural

Natural wine retains the properties that come with a healthy grape. Its aroma and taste are a direct message from nature. To taste this delicacy visit our store and choose from the best.

Recommended natural wine

Within this selection of natural wines, the one we recommend below, stands out for the quality of its forceful flavor on the palate as well as its aroma.

El cosmonauta en el barranco del agua

This wine composed of the Malvasia and Viura varieties, is fermented with the yeast of the same grape. Then it spends six months in Hungarian barrels and serves as a companion to any special occasion.

Best selling natural wines

The most requested natural wines in our store, those that have conquered our knowledgeable customers and come for more, are the pampered ones of the house and we want you to also delight with their flavor.

Le Naturel Red Wine 2022

It is a friendly and fresh wine, with a delicate aroma that has floral touches of violets. Its flavor is fruity, leaving clear evidence of being a high quality broth.

Santalba Natural

Tempranillo of very dark color, strong. Its aroma has hints of rosemary, violets and fresh fruits. Its flavor is explosive, pleasant and unforgettable.

Val D’Eco Tempranillo

Its fruit aroma is a real delight that colors the senses with the same intense red tone of this Tempranillo. Its flavor leaves on the palate the notes of a song of the vineyard where it is born.

The best natural wine cellars

To know a good natural wine we must know where it comes from. These wineries and vineyards are dream places that rescue the very value of nature itself.


Can-Vi canned wine

The flavors of the wines of this winery are as unique and original as their presentation, modern y different. Each wine can offers a story, a moment or a celebration.

Celler de Les Aus

Celler de les Aus Winery

A name that is synonym for respect and love for nature. Lovers of the winemaking tradition, they could only offer natural wines of superior quality.

Viñedos Hontza

Vineyards Hontza Winery

Winemakers who take biodynamics as a way of life and love for their natural wines with great passion. Its land is a paradise marked by legends.

What is a natural wine?

A natural wine is one that has been obtained from a grape that has been allowed to grow almost spontaneously, with practically no intervention. When harvested and taken to the cellars, it begins with a process of elaboration of the broth, maintaining this philosophy that respects the value of the natural.

These wines tell the history and tradition of the land that saw them born, carry in their flavor a seal that shows that they have been cultivated and raised with an environmentally friendly practice. As an inheritance, they leave a renewed, healed land.

Since they have a more artisanal work, their elaboration is much more demanding and in most cases they are limited edition wines.

Even many of the best signature wines have been born from this formula, thanks to the fact that their flavors, colors and aromas, differentiate them enormously from the rest, promising to be a good “canvas for the artist”.

Natural wine characteristics

For a good wine to be considered natural, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions where it is emphasized that there’s little or no intervention in obtaining the grape, fermenting and aging.

The land where the fruits are grown is not treated with fertilizers or industrial insecticides, in addition, the harvest is carried out by hand. When the time comes for fermentation, yeasts belonging to the same grape are used, without putting additional bacteria.

Already in the process, the broth remains as natural as possible, avoiding at all costs to correct tannins, sugars, acidity or any other characteristic of a natural red, white or rosé wine.

The result is a wine of lively, vibrant colors, with a wild and fresh aroma. Its flavor is usually playful, letting glimpse the touch of fruit, but inviting the palate to walk through other possibilities. They are slightly more acidic and with a lower degree of alcohol. Magnificent!

What is the difference between natural and organic wine?

To differentiate an organic wine from a natural one we must start by saying that they are very similar, almost brothers. However, there is one detail in which they definitely differ.

Although their preparation methods are very similar and both are highly respectful of nature, the second is a natural wine without added sulfites. That is, no sulfur dioxide is added at any time of its aging.

In contrast, organic or biodynamic wines use a small amount of this compound to stimulate fermentation.

However, many wineries work with both philosophies simultaneously, separating harvests and offering both types of wines.

Making a natural wine

To make a natural sweet wine you start by working the cultivation in an organic and respectful way. To avoid pests, other plants are used that by their natural properties scare them away, such as chamomile. In addition, it is fertilized with natural compost, preferably made on the same farm.

As in biodynamic agriculture, the lunar calendar is respected to obtain grapes that have matured at their own pace and offer unique flavors. Likewise, the rhythm of the fermentation and aging process is respected, without artificial stimulations that alter the wine.

When the time comes, once you have obtained the broth, no chemicals are used to adjust its flavors. In this way the wine presented is a true gift of nature.

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