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Fruit Wine

Wines without grapes? Incredible as it may seem, yes, they exist. Fruit wine is very common to find in any corner of the world where the climate hinders the cultivation of the vine. In these places the local sweet varieties are used, fermenting them to produce a delicious liquor that today you can buy just by visiting our online store.

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All about Fruit Wine

In addition to the exotic wines of white and red grapes, nature gives us the opportunity to create these broths with a great diversity of fruits that bring deliciously different experiences.

How to make a fruit wine

Although the process is a little different from that of wine, the result of this is a splendid variety of fruity wines that are currently a delight for the palate. To these, as a rule, a considerable amount of sugar is added, leaving the fruit to ferment for about 45 days.

They usually have very handmade touches, which give them a peculiar charm that fascinates. Despite the fact that many experts argue that the name “wine” is attributable only to the liqueur prepared from grapes proper, the truth is that no one can resist the spell of these delicious fruit broths.

Fruit wines are characterized by their traditional touches, so it is common to hear that people prepare them at home. However, the most advisable thing is to acquire them from the hands of professionals who guarantee hygiene and health conditions in their preparation.

Like those produced from grapes, we find that they have a classification according to their degree of sweetness, being dry, semi-dry, sweet or semi-sweet. But we can also differentiate them by the type of area where the fruits come from, which in this case would be fresh or warm.

For fermentation, it is often necessary to add more sugar, honey or glucose. This affects the alcoholic strength, so water is often added to readjust and give the different ethyl grades.

In addition, many fruits do not have enough yeast, so it is added during their preparation to ensure that the fermentation process results in the expected liquor.

What are the characteristics of fruit wine?

As for the colors, we find a fairly wide variety offering intense or light golden tones, up to being completely transparent. We also have yellow, pink and as red tones as the red wines of any grape wine. Of course, you can not miss the sparkling options, with their charming bubbles.

One of the great curiosities of these wines is that, in addition to being made with varieties of fruits, we can also find liqueurs based on flowers and vegetables. Some of the most frequent options we find are orange wine or grapefruit wine.

As for the aromas, of course the sweet fruity notes are very marked, always in the company of spices and flowers. An exquisite medley that is repeated on the palate.

How do you drink fruit wine?

Fruit wine is served cold, at about 5°C. This gives it a refreshing characteristic and makes it perfect for any occasion.

It is ideal to serve with appetizers and light dishes. They are also perfect for preparing desserts and delicious cocktails that bring a cheerful note to celebrations of any kind.

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