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Dry White Wines

When we talk about dry wine, we almost always think of Dry White Wines. These wines are characterised by their low sugar content, which results in a high degree of acidity that will delight the most experienced palates. Its aroma carries notes of minerals, flowers and honeys. Discover in our online store a selection of the most outstanding.

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All about Dry White Wine

The tasting of this wine is very different from that of the aromatic, lighter ones. It requires risky and knowledgeable palates, willing to live intense experiences.

Taste our recommended Dry White Wine

Among the good wines, some stand out for their aromatic qualities and the taste with predominant acidity that accompanies notes of spices.

La Pequeñita White Maturana

A limited edition of 747 bottles. Its aging of 7 months in barrel plus 6 months in bottle gives it aromas of flowers and orange. Its citrus flavor and strong tannin give it a unique character.

The most searched dry white wines on the market

A good white wine is able to please the most demanding palates. Learning to enjoy it is an art, and for this it is better to start with the most recommended by connoisseurs.

Attis Coribante

It is a dry wine that is soft and pleasant to the taste, fatty and acidic. Its passage leaves a slight permanence and is gladly embraced. It has a limited production of 860 bottles that transform this elixir into a delicacy.

Suañé White Reserva

Its golden color promises a pleasant wine. Its taste is lively, with a good concentration of tannins. The aroma perfectly harmonizes, between herbs and species, with citrus and floral notes.

Ijalba Genolí-Viura

Its fruity aroma arrives pleasantly, with floral notes in the background. It perfectly harmonizes with its taste, citrus and youthful, with balanced tannins. It leaves fresh touches.

The best wineries producing Dry White wines

To make a good white wine, you must have a great knowledge in winemaking traditions. In addition to having and working a good land.

Alonso & Pedrajo

Alonso & Pedrajo Winery

This winery has a Qualified Denomination of Origin Rioja, which is a guarantee of excellent quality wines. The families who work on these lands come from a great viticultural tradition.

Attis Bodegas y Viñedos

Attis Winery and Vineyards

Its underwater wines stand out as some of the best. In addition, their privileged location in Galician lands, allows them to show off a category with Rías Baixas Designation of Origin.

Eladio Piñeiro

Bodega Eladio Piñeiro

Wines grown on land or under the sea, with the quality and unique touches offered by the grapes of Villagarcía de Arosa. Each bottle is a real delight for the palate.

What is a dry white wine?

Dry white wine is one whose taste is less sweet than aromatic wines. This is because it only has 5 grams of sugar, thanks to the winemaker allowing the fermentation time to be extended long enough for the yeast bacteria to consume all the sweetener that comes from the grape.

Due to this quality, many chefs use dry white wine to cook exquisite dishes, such as risottos, sautéed fish and pan-fried mushrooms.

Dry white wine is also called ”crisp". This is due to the sensation it leaves in the mouth, slightly astringent, which adds up in perfect balance with the freshness and acid of its characteristic flavor.

To drink them, it must be taken into account that they are not at all the same as aromatic white wines. So, if this is your first experience with these wines, you should let your palate get used to these new sensations of a good Galician dry white wine, for example.

How do you know if a wine is dry?

The first thing you should know is that the experience on the palate is completely different. For example, the taste usually lasts less than that of a sweet wine or that of a rosé wine. In addition, it has an astringent and acidic sensation in its wake, which is precisely one of the characteristics that give it its name.

The reason is that they have a higher concentration of tannins. This substance is found in the seeds, skins of grapes and is responsible for giving those rustic touches to dry wine, in addition to creating the flavors that make them so exotic.

Types of Dry White wines according to grape varieties

There is a great variety of dry white wines, some of them are very recognized worldwide, thanks to their determining flavors and aromas. One of the ways to typify these broths is by using the type of grape. In that case, these would be some of the most internationally recognized by wine lovers:

  • Sauvignon Blanc, which is perfectly adapted to gastronomy, accompanying the dishes or simply to enjoy a good time with a glass of dry white.
  • Albariño, in addition to its characteristic acidity, offers salty notes, so it is highly recommended to accompany seafood.
  • Verdejo dry white wine is one of the most recognized in the world, thanks to its exquisite qualities. It is perfect to pair with red meat, poultry and seafood.

Which white wine is drier?

When we talk about the driest white wine we normally refer to the wines that have higher concentration of tannins, in general, the higher the concentration of tannins present in the wine, the more "dry" it is considered, which is evidenced, firstly, in the astringent sensation that it leaves in the mouth after its passage.

However, tannins are also responsible for emphasizing the flavors of the wine, which in the case of dry ones presents a greater variety of tones. Therefore, the more diversity of tastes we find in the broth, the drier we can consider it.

What are the characteristics of dry white wine?

Every good wine gets its qualities depending on the factors involved in its preparation. In the case of white wines, the broths have almost no contact with the grape skin, responsible for giving the reddish color. Therefore, these will have more golden shades.

In the case of dry whites, astringency is achieved thanks to aging, as well as to the properties of the grape. Although these wines may keep some sweet notes in their flavor, they are generally more acidic broths that leave a feeling of dryness, so they tend to be liked more by veteran wine lovers than by younger consumers.

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