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Champagne is the drink by definition of celebrations and toasts, with its characteristic bubbles and golden tones, which are synonymous with elegance and exquisiteness. On this page you can find the best champagne on the market to accompany your most special moments.

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All about Champagne

From the best wineries in France, here we present a selection of unique and high quality champagnes that are worth tasting.

Recommended Champagne

It is one of the favorite drinks of many and the most attractive thing about this type of wine, without a doubt, are the bubbles. Getting the best ones may not be simple, but that is why we can recommend you the following.

Marie Clugny

Made with a variety of 85% Pinot Meunier and 15% Chardonnay, it is one of the most excellent champagnes on the market. Its aging is about 36 months. It's a real gem.

Best-selling Champagne

Always following the recommendations and rankings of specialists in this field, we can recognize and recommend those considered the best.

Henri Abelé Brut

Magnificent variety that includes 25% Pinot, with 40% Chardonnay and 35% Pinot Noir. A real explosion of flavor. It is a Champagne that is made after being aged for 3 years.

Alfred Gratien Brut

Champagne obtained from 29% of Pinot Noir, 46% of Chadonnay and 25% of Pinot Meunier. Unsurpassed option loaded with flavor and body.

Alfred Gratien Brut Rosé

In the same style as the previous one, in this case we are talking about a variety of Pinot Meunier at 17%, Chardonnay at 52% and Pinot Noir at 31%. A real delicacy.

The best Champagne wineries

Among the best wineries that stand out for the manufacture of a true quality champagne, we can mention the following.

Marie Clugny

Marie Clugny Winery

It stands out for being one of the most important wine manufacturers. It is located in the Marne Valley, right in France. Its strong point is freshness and naturalness. They are engaged in the production of sparkling wines.

Alfred Gratien

Alfred Gratien Winery

Located in Epernay, it has an extensive history in the production of sparkling wines. It is a family winery that is dedicated to creating the best of this type on the market.

Henri Abelé

Henri Abelé Winery

It has more than 250 years of experience. It is one of the most important wineries in France in terms of producing quality sparkling wines.

Do you know how Champagne is made?

Initially, processes similar to those of a conventional wine are followed, so the pressing process must first be executed right after the harvest, whole grapes are used.

It is important to consider that the pressing must be smooth and progressive, and then proceed to fractionate the juices obtained from this process.

Once the grape juices have been obtained, the fermentation process must begin, where it becomes a calm and non-sparkling wine.

Then the bottling process must be carried out. Later, they are placed in the dark so that it ferments and that foam it produces is what turns it into champagne.

Variety of grapes used to make Champagne
For the production of champagne, the most used grapes are the following:

  • Pinot Meunier have less character than Pinot Noir and are characterized by providing an incredible fruity flavor.
  • Pinot Noir is a grape that stands out for providing a lot of body and character to the sparkling wine, in addition to longevity.
  • Finally, the Chardonnay grapes are the ones that give it great freshness and lightness.

Classification of Champagne according to sugar

This type of liquor is characterized by containing a diverse amount of sugars, after the second fermentation and aging process. Within the types that arise from that amount of sweetness are:

  • Brut Nature that has up to a maximum of 3 grams per liter.
  • Extra Brut contains up to about 6 grams per liter.
  • Brut can reach up to 15 grams per liter.
    Extra Dry contains from 12 to 20 grams per liter.
  • Seco or Sec between 17 and 35 grams of sugar per liter.
  • The Semi Sec or Demi-Sec has 33 to 50 grams of sugar per liter.
  • The Dulce or Doux contains more than 50 grams per liter.

Different types of Champagne

Another way in which champagne can be catalogued includes a differentiation of the grapes used in the process. That is why you can get the Champagne Blanc de Blancs where only white grapes are involved.

On the other hand, there are the Blanc de Noirs that includes in the assembly process at least one or two of the red grapes, we are talking about the Pinot Meunier or Pinot Noir, without Chardonnay.

Finally, there are the rosado (rosé) ones.

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